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Why Am I Watching Soccer?

Right now, I am watching the USA Women Soccer Team battle it out with the Japanese Women’s Soccer team. The score is USA -2, Japan -1. We are in the second half of play, and the Japanese are obviously being much more aggressive, challenging the American women.

This is the Gold Medal match.

Soccer has never held any appeal to me. I was never exposed to it as a child, and my children never showed any desire for the sport, or any other sport. My kids were all musical artists, their college educations were financed in good part with music scholarships. Bottom line, I had no love for soccer.

I am now riveted to my seat. These women, both American and Japanese, are keeping me fixed on a game that I don’t understand. What a game!

One of my problems is figuring out the game clock. Just what is gong on, here? We are down to the final few seconds and I don’t know what is going on, clock wise. What is a yellow card? Damn! The Japanese get another free kick.

What is this two minutes added on to the game? Now, Tobin Heath, USA, gets a free kick. Only a few seconds left. The Japanese foul with forty seconds left.

Japan attacks with ten seconds left. Unsuccessful. We have the two minutes, and the damned game is still not over.

Now, it is over.

USA wins the GOLD MEDAL!!!

I just may be hooked on soccer.