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So You Favor Wind Energy

We hear a lot of horror stories about how windmills are affecting people and their way of life. This video illustrates some of the problems. First, you have to live with the noise that can be heard, and felt. for long distances. Then, you have to look at the darned things. If you are against cell phone towers, you have to be against windmills.

Know that wind power is not efficient, and will cost you more money, even when mixed into the current supply grids. Wind power is not a solution. It is a nightmare.


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Green Energy Is Goofy

According to President Obama, green energy is the future, and he is willing to spend Billions of Dollars on solar and wind energy. There are two problems with these grandiose plans.

1. We cannot afford to spend billions and trillions of dollars on so-called green energy projects.

2. Europe has already tried massive solar and wind projects. They do not work.

Spain went all out for wind power, and studies show that for every green job, two other jobs in Spain were lost.

picture of windmill in the NetherlandsGermany has spent about $130 Billion on solar generation, only to discover that they have created power supply problems (solar is not reliable), and have increased the average power bill of every consumer in their country. Bjorn Lomborg, Danish Economist, has an excellent article on this subject at the Global Warming Policy Foundation Blog.

Denmark, claims recognition for having more wind power than any other country in the world. They also have the highest price for a kilowatt hour of electric energy of any country in the world.

At best, large scale wind power and solar power are fools games. Both technologies suffer a basic problem in that no power is produced during specific, identifiable times. Wind mills do not produce power when the wind does not blow, or does not blow sufficiently. Solar cells do not produce electricity in the dark. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t shine about half of the time.

So, what do you do during those periods when the wind doesn’t blow, or the sun doesn’t shine? You will either freeze in the winter, or have a back-up coal fired plant ready to go online, immediately. That would be the coal fired plant you thought you wouldn’t have to build, and based your economic future on saving that money.

Maybe you can store up energy during the productive periods while the wind blows, or the sun shines. This requires some sort of energy storage mechanism. Batteries are the favorite item for this. Unfortunately, battery technology is not at that point where you can afford enough of them to power your house for a half-day. I calculated that with the current lead-acid technology the average house in the USA would require over 2,000 pounds of batteries to run a house for eight hours.

What do you do when you have an acid spill, or a battery fire. The danger and toxicity of batteries is such that I don’t want to be around them.

Wind and solar power generation demand that you spend the same amount of money on back-up schemes as you would on a primary power system. If not you can pay some wiser country for some of their fossil fuel or nuclear generated electricity at drastically inflated prices because you were stupid enough to go wind or solar in the first place.

All green energy jobs, and the markets for wind mills and solar cells are subsidized by the US Government. In turn the United States does not produce the bulk of these items. China is our major supplier.

Obama and his guys have gone goofy.