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Super Moon Rising

picture of full moon
Full Moon

Heads up, Chicken Little fans. The sky will definitely fall this weekend as we will have a really large full moon. The moon will be at a perigee, its closest point to earth as it orbits.  This alone scares some people.

Tomorrow, we will have what is called a super moon. A super moon is a full moon at its perigee, aligned with the sun for a maximum gravitational pull on the earth’s surface. Roll, tide, roll will be the cry as we should see larger tides on our coast lines.

The moon and sun are responsible for the changing tides, and they change due to orbital changes of the moon, and orbital changes of the earth with relation to the sun. Since both the sun and moon will be pulling the earth in the same direction, the tides will be bigger. Some people think that this alignment can cause not only extra-large tides, but earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, too.

People will go crazy, as is usual during a full moon. Emergency rooms will over flow. Police will work overtime to tame the crowds demonstrating on, well, something. The Occupy Wall Street loonies will be out in spades.

Don’t worry. Be happy!

Peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars. Tune out of the craziness, and into your peaceful inner being. Let the world know you will not join in the insanity.

It’s just a big moon, man. Enjoy the show.

Hat tip to Jennifer Marohasy’s article, Bad Moon Rising.