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Anti-Abortion Bumper Stickers

The bumper sticker said, “You Can’t Be A Christian And Pro-Choice”.  This bumper sticker was thought-provoking, to say the least. The car’s owner was obviously a devout Roman Catholic. The give-away was another bumper sticker saying, “Pray the rosary”.

I have long thought that those people who paste bumpers stickers on their cars have a problem. I detest bumper stickers, and see those who use them as rejects from the IQ allocation line at their creation.

In the case of the anti-abortion sticker I decided to reserve my opinion until I had thought about the issue for a bit. As I approached my car on the parking lot where I spotted the little sign, it struck me that the woman driving the vehicle was correct. I don’t see how you can be a Christian and advocate abortion for every pregnant woman. Jesus is all about life, and killing does not fit into our Christian beliefs.

Let’s think about this. There are certainly cases where an abortion is a recommended procedure for various reasons, some of which have to do with women’s health. That is the crux of the issue. Rape, incest, and the issue of the mother’s health come into play about five percent of the time, or even less.

The term, Pro-Choice is a straw-man, or fake argument. It is a euphemism that tries to conceal the fact that abortions are an act of killing. The fact that abortions kill babies is so incontrovertible that abortion advocates try to soften the issue by using a meaningless descriptive term, Pro-Choice. It is similar to terms like Climate Change, Social Justice, etc.

To follow-up on the social implications of abortion, it is well-known that pre-historic and other uncivilized societies practiced infant sacrifice and murder. For some, killing babies was because during food shortages when a tribe could not afford to feed a new mouth. Other societies would sacrifice babies and adults to please their gods. Even the Bushman of South Africa would make sure that there were no pregnancies during times of extreme drought and shortages.

It seems that abortions, or killing your young, is not only incompatible with Christianity, it not compatible with civilized people.

Abortions are uncivilized.