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The New Era AZ = After Zimmerman

I would like to think that we have entered a new time, called, After Zimmerman. Now that the trial is over, and even our racist President has said that “we are a nation of laws”, maybe we can get back to life as usual. But, that may only happen when we get to that much-anticipated era called, AO -> After Obama.

Truly, we have never seen a worse time for this nation until we elected Barack Obama. But, I digress.

So, what is a little old retired man like me supposed to watch on TV for entertainment, now? Well, it is not football season, baseball season is pretty good with the Braves, but the real zest and angst has gone out of our HD LCD big screen TV. Right now, I am watching Swamp People.

Can you believe the crap they put on the History Channel? You would think that you could never run out of history, but they seem to put the stupidest things on that channel, like, Ancient Aliens (as if space men visited our planet during the time of the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs).

The interesting thing about Swamp People is that it is all about Cajun people. These are those hardy souls who inhabit the Louisiana swamps, and cook the best seafood in the entire world. I love Cajun cooking.  Yummy!

Anyway, the question of the day regarding Swamp People is about Troy Landry. Given that he wears the same shirt on every episode I have seen, does he have a change of shirts, or is the one we see his lucky shirt?

Inquiring minds want to know.

How are you spending your AZ (After Zimmerman) TV time?

Swamp People

Glen & Mitchell Guist Picture
Swamp People

In this election season I get tired of seeing nothing on the news but nodding, talking heads pushing out their daily journalistic distortions. I usually know what is going on, anyway, because I use the Internet to get my news from multiple sources. You can, too. See Google Reader.

So, if I am not wasting my time looking at talking, bobbling heads read me distorted accounts of the news, just how am I wasting my time? Swamp People!

Yep. This is the best show on the History Channel since the first episodes of Ice Road Truckers, and the Swamp People are in more danger than the IRTguys, anyway. I would much rather drive a truck across a lake frozen with three feet of ice than to pull an alligator’s string.

Picture of Willie Edwards
Willie Edwards

The most seen characters include Troy Landry, Joe LaFont, Willie Edwards R.J. Molinere, and several others with their crews. The picture at the top is of Glen and Mitchell Guist, a two-man alligator hunting team.

You must have gathered by this time that the point of the show is to watch grown men schooled in the ways of the Louisiana swamp, hook, kill, and carry their catch to market. I am not sure what the price of alligators is now, but after Katrina the alligator harvest shrank to the point that the price for ‘gators hide went up to $50 per foot.

Picture of Troy Landry
Troy Landry

That’s still not enough money for me to stick my hand in an alligator’s mouth, or to even let one get six feet from me. Come to think of it I don’t think there is enough money in the world to even get me within a hundred yards of one of the beasts. After all, on dry land they will out run a man, any day.

What makes the show entertaining is not only the distinctive Cajun accents, but the way these men of the wilderness handle themselves in the wild. They know what they are doing, and understand the risks. They are for the most part poor men, and are willing to work around the clock to make their living. Some of them live off the land, a particularly interesting choice with the availability of modern-day grocery stores and other conveniences. Maybe, they have to with their meager incomes.

The stories get repetitive with each crew baiting alligator hooks, checking them, and harvesting their catch with treble hooks and 22 caliber rifles. To kill the beasts, they have to shoot the ‘gator in a small area of the top of its head about as big as a quarter. If you miss and hit him in the head or back, all you’ve done is piss off an animal that wants to eat you.

It can get old after a while. That’s why I am always scouting for more shows similar to this one. My new one is Storage Wars. But, that’s a different story.