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Rock Bottom

I think I have found rock bottom. Specifically, I have been watching the most icky, stupid, worthless, and goofy reality shows I can find, and may have come up with shows that represent the very worst America has to offer.

You have read my praises, before, of shows like “The Deadliest Catch”, “Swamp People”, and “Storage Wars”. In these shows I found people who are the salt of the earth. You have to respect the sheer terror and danger inherent in fishing for King Crab in the Bering Sea, or hunting for alligators in the Louisiana swamps, or the possibility of buying somebody’s five year-old kitchen garbage in an abandoned storage unit. That is really scary stuff.

In “Ax Men” you can sense danger in every scene. Trees can fall the wrong way, or the foreman can get pissed and knock your head off. Yet, these men don’t hesitate to charge into a forest of widow-makers everyday to earn their simple fare of fast food burgers and cheap beer. Life is tough for some people.

Wait! You ain’t seen nothing, yet. There are people doing necessary, but objectionable jobs. You have to respect them because these are usually the only jobs they can get.

These are people at the very rock bottom of the food chain. These are the ones who didn’t get a GED, and cannot say “do you want fries with that” without using the “F” word multiple times. These are the people who pick up after everyone else. These are people with hearts of gold, but brains of granite. This is the auto repossession industry.

Enter the reality show, “Repo World”. It seems that they find the scuzziest people they can to play the parts of drivers, and even scuzzier people to play the part of the non-paying scoundrels. Are they a real portrayal of the business? Probably so.

Some articles say, no, the whole thing is phony. If you look at the fine print before and after the show, they are producing re-enactments of real scenes. How convenient. Just reenact a gang of jackbooted motorcycle hoods kicking a repo-driver while he is down. I just don’t think a dozen or so of America’s toughest would be stupid enough to commit crimes while being filmed. But, I could be wrong.

OK. So, I spent the entire weekend watching pure trash. Maybe that’s your opinion. I call it social research. With my work done, you don’t have to watch those shows yourself. But if you like to see the occasional cultural train wreck, have at it!