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Car Wash In The Rain

Here I am at the car wash, waiting on my car to be washed, waxed, vacuumed, and flushed of all dirt and grime our recent beach trip generated. It is raining.

Yeah. I know. It is really dumb to wash your car on a rainy day. But, what do you do when your boss, err wife tells you to get the car cleaned out? You have no choice but to obey. When She Who Is To Be Obeyed speaks, you learn to listen after forty or so years of marital bliss, or something like that.

So, I sit here, typing a little blog into my computer, and lo and behold, the sun is coming out. Maybe the daily rain is over!

On the other hand, I think I have discovered a new physical principle.

Do you remember the rule about washing your car? If you wash your car, it is certain to rain. Now, we learn that this is a world of opposites. The new rule is, when you wash your car in the rain, the sun is bound to shine.

It all makes sense, now. Sunshine brings rain, and the rain brings sunshine. Get used to it.

Rain, Rain, Stay A While

Now that the Chick-fil-A crisis has blown over, we can get back to living our lives. Today is Saturday, and it is raining. To most people, it is a bad thing to have a weekend messed up with rain, but I am sitting here in my little office rejoicing that I don’t have to go outside and work in the yard.

You see, I have had to do yard work all my life, and I don’t enjoy it one bit. When I was growing up in Memphis, Tennessee my Dad refused to spend money on a gasoline mower, and we had to use an old-fashioned push mower. It is amazing how strong one’s arms can get using a manual mower in deep grass. We had to do that all the time. Plus, our corner lot was rimmed with hedges on three sides.

The lot was one hundred feet wide by one hundred fifty feet deep, giving a total length of hedges at about three hundred fifty feet counting walkways and driveway. Folks, that was a LOT of hedges to trim with hand shears. My Dad was too cheap to buy electric shears. My brothers and I were strong little boys.

If you have ever been to Memphis in the summer you know how hot things get. It is always hot, and the humidity is high, making it one of the most miserable places to play or work outside in the summer time.

Since I am older and wiser, I hire local kids to cut my grass. They don’t do a great job, and they don’t show up to work unless they need money. I pay the young man who lives across the street $25  to cut the front yard, and he never seems to trim up against bushes and flower beds. That’s the way kids are but it beats doing the job myself.

So, here I sit typing away, listening to the rain on the windows. Life is good.