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What Did Obama Know? When Did He Know it?

If a bad event comes down to those two questions, there is something wrong with our leader. We have seen this before, and it was with President Nixon. Even though I am a Republican, and voted for Richard Nixon, I was repulsed by the idea that he would cover up even a minor crime like the Watergate break-in.

Obama is obviously covering up his administration’s incompetence in the terrorists attack on Benghazi when our Ambassador was needlessly killed. The whole affair was predictable, and the embassy personnel had requested additional security assets only to be refused. The whole affair is painful.

The President’s propensity to lie about the cause and type of attack is out in the open, now. This week, both CNN and Fox News published copies of State Department emails that conclusively show that the White House, the State Department, and the Pentagon all knew of the attacks, and which terrorist group was doing the attacking.

The horrifying thing to me is that in spite of the date of 9/11, our administration was asleep at the switch. Plus, they ignored previous attacks on the same facility leading up to 9/11. In addition, the administration refused needed security for that same facility.

No American citizen was surprised that the attacks happened on 9/11, and in a multiple places. That is the finger-print of Al Qaeda. They love the multiple and simultaneous attacks.  Apparently, Obama did not care for the welfare of our citizens.

It is time we got rid of the Liar-In-Chief. This coverup is about lives lost, and that is more serious than Watergate ever could be.