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Should Penn State Get The “Death” Penalty For Football?

A terrible tragedy has occurred on the campus and in the athletic dressing rooms at Pennsylvania State University. Assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky, was found guilty of assaulting under aged boys in the locker room. Many of these kids were brought into contact with Sandusky through his charitable organization, The Second Mile.

Sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse. These offenses occurred over a period of decades, and his boss, Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno, along with the President of the University, were informed there was a problem. Those men ignored the rape of young boys to keep the University’s image sparkling clean. Penn State now has a new head coach and a new president, but the damage has been done.

Yahoo Sports has an article with an embedded Tavis Smiley interview video. Smiley is interviewing NCAA President Mark Emmert. Tavis asks the big question, “Should Penn State’s football program get the death penalty?”

Of course, Emmert could not answer the question because the NCAA is still going through their investigations. No charges or penalties will be accessed for a while, probably after the 2012 – 2013 football season.

If you are familiar with the Southern Methodist University football death penalty in 1986, you know that such action would have a decade long, negative effect on the university’s football program. SMU’s violations were about paying their football players. SMU had the best football team that money could buy for a couple of years .

Penn State University’s sins are in a whole new category. Because of the power given to former head football coach, Joe Paterno, an active pedophile was  allowed to continue his crimes while being shielded by Joe Paterno, and the Penn State University administration. This is shameful.

How severely do you think the NCAA should penalize the Penn State football program? Should the penalty extend itself further into other athletic programs? Should the Penn State football program receive the “death penalty” that Southern Methodist University got for a much lesser set of crimes?

What should we do with college football in the United States. I think you would agree that college football as we know it functions as a farm system for National Football League. Also, why are the universities allowed to make millions of dollars off their football programs, and not pay their athletes commensurately?

The reason that Penn State’s morals went off the tracks is simple. The athletic department and the university administration would not let any bad news be published about their programs. It was all about the money.