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Web Sites For PC’s, iPads, Tablets, And Smartphones

Wordpress logoThere is a new world out there. We all have laptops. We all have smart phones, and we are all getting tablet computers.

What does this mean for web sites? How can they adapt themselves to whatever device upon which they are being viewed?

Perk up! It has already been done. The theme I am using on this blog will re-size itself automatically depending on the device. This theme is called a responsive theme. It is responsive to whatever device the client is using.

Yep! Try it. Turn on you iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, or tablet computer and navigate you way to http://gonnasayit.com. No matter what device you are using, this web site will re-size itself to that screen size. Miraculous, isn’t it?Photo of Amazon Kindle Fire

The way this happens is not due to the device, but rather to the software on the website server. Instead of using the old HTML 4, HTML 5 has many more features, and in combination with CSS3, it all comes together. The world-wide web is a rapidly changing environment, and the client devices for viewing web sites are changing, too.

This web site is on WordPress.com, a free service of the WordPress people. You can create an account, pick a theme, and have your web site on-line in just minutes if you know what you want. At that point, it is all free.

If you want a classier theme, you can buy one. I have only tried two or three themes on WordPress.com, but they all seem to be responsive to mobile devices to some degree.

Life is great, and WordPress.com is cool!