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Ann Romney – Classy Lady

picture of Ann Romney
Ann Romney – Classy Lady

The Republican National Convention has revealed to the nation a classy lady in the person of Ann Romney. She is a gracious, lovely person who loves her husband enough to make a speech before twenty-thousand delegates at the convention, and millions more in the television audience. The speech was powerful and convincing.

One political problem is that Ann Romney looks like what people expect rich people to be. She looks good, speaks well, and has that grace you expect from ladies of means. Ann Romney was not always rich, nor was her husband, Mitt Romney. Even though Mitt’s father, former Michigan governor George Romney, was a wealthy, self-made man, Mitt benefited most in terms of his educational opportunities. Mitt’s wealth is the result of his own work.

Both Ann’s and Mitt’s families were immigrants. That is one reason why the Romney family is so enthusiastic about the future of our nation. They know what freedom means, and they know when we have leaders in Washington who are disconnected with the citizenry and history.

Ann Romney successfully mirrored her love of our nation to her audience last night. She came across as genuine, and she is.

What Ann didn’t talk about were her personal challenges with cancer and multiple sclerosis. MS is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. It gets progressively worse, and Ann Romney shows her personal courage in the way she does not talk about her problems.

Mitt Romney doesn’t talk about his problems, nor does he talk about his charitable works. Ann Romney brought that message home with the following statement, “Mitt doesn’t like to talk about how he has helped others because he sees it as a privilege, not a political talking point.”  These words ring true because the current occupant in the White House is stuck on the first person, singular in his speeches. There is a stark contrast in personalities and style.

Mrs Romney did her husband and the Republican Party proud, last night. It was a speech that many will remember for a long time. She is that good.

Paul Ryan – The Choice

Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney announced his choice of Vice Presidential running mate as Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan. Ryan is best known for his work as chairman of the House Budget Committee. This is particularly damaging to Democrats as they have not produced a budget in the last four years. The Democrats in Congress will not even vote for the President’s budgetary proposals.

Fiscal knowledge and acumen are a very weak are in the Democrat Party. They do not want the American public to understand their real agenda.

Compared to the Democrat Vice President, Joe Biden, Ryan compares more than favorably.

  1. Brain Power – Ryan has proven to be very intelligent. Biden has continually embarrassed the American people with stupid statements and an IQ level near that of concrete.
  2. Foreign Relations – Paul Ryan knows the locations of the southern and northern borders of USA. Biden knows the location of the nearest bar.
  3. Fiscal Issues – Paul Ryan has shown that he knows more about the current financial shape of the nation than either Obama or Biden. Ryan has proposed common sense, workable budgets, where Obama and Biden have done nothing.
  4. Regulatory Issues – Paul Ryan wants to take the regulatory shackles off American employers. Obama and Biden’s policies are shutting down US companies, and sending jobs overseas.
  5. Job Creation – Paul Ryan has proposed workable plans on how to turn the American entrepreneurial talents loose to create jobs and rescue our nation from the current mismanagement of Obama and Biden. Obama and Biden show no understanding of the economy and the job creation process.
  6. National Finance – Paul Ryan has the intellectual power and management expertise to create a common sense budget proposal. Obama and Biden have not had a budget, yet.

With the choice of Paul Ryan, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made it clear that the Republican campaign will be all about fixing our nation financially. Under the Democrats, there has not even been a budget, even when they controlled both the Senate and the House.

It is time to get our nation off ground zero and back into the stratosphere. By choosing Paul Ryan as a running mate, this is exactly what Mitt Romney is proposing.

It is time to light the candle of creativity, and stop suffocating our nation in government regulations.

Modern Gladiators

Our political system has devolved into just another Roman circus.

Witness the Republican debates. They started with a bunch of pretty credible candidates, and they are now dwindling down to the precious few. Most of the candidates have taken themselves out of the race because of shrinking poll numbers, or shrinking bank accounts. In politics these two measures have a deadly equality.

Herman Cain did not take himself out of the race. Opponents found some women to charge him with inappropriate conduct, and each one was a he-said/she-said kind of thing. With the current bias in the media, these possible dalliances did not get covered up like the documented sexual escapades of Bill Clinton.

Not one of the Cain accusers offered any evidence of an affair. One was even represented by Gloria Allred, feminist lawyer and Democrat political operative who has a reputation of staging phony witnesses, as in the California gubernatorial race two years ago. Herman could not survive against a press hungry to kill off a legitimate black opponent of Barack Obama.

The whole nation looks on  waiting for either Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum to kill his opponent.  They are waiting for a career ending gaff during one of the debates. Everybody is waiting to see blood, and nobody is going to give the Roman Emperor’s thumbs up gesture.

I don’t know who will survive the GOP debates, and become the great hope for America to escape the dreams of our first Marxist President. Maybe that person will have enough juice to finish the race, and win one for freedom.

Update: I watched the Arizona GOP debate last night. There was lots of back and forth, but no campaign ending mistakes.