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DNC – The Parade Of Empty Chairs

picture of empty chairpicture of empty chair

As many of you know, I have agreed with my wife to not write politically oriented blogs. After all, there was the chance that someone would be offended, and my lovely bride is all about sweetness and light. Bless her heart.

In keeping with my solemn oath to keep mum on political things and politicians, I herewith make the following proclamation:

I will not watch the Democrat National Convention!

That should satisfy my wife and anyone else not used to a little verbal spice in their lives. I will not report on the ramblings, accusations, recriminations, and just plain goofy proclamations of this gang that can’t shoot straight.

There is no reason to watch the Democrat Convention. We know who will be speakng, and we know what they will say. It will be no different from the attack ads we see on TV everyday.

The speakers and their empty chair podium-mates to look for are:

  • Joe Biden – Empty chair occupant will be former Senator Robert Byrd dressed up in his KKK outfit. When Biden makes his inevitable racial gaff, the media stooges can blame it on the chair.
  • Sandra Fluke – Abortion enthusiast with her empty chair partner being a huge condom costing three thousand dollars.
  • Bill Clinton – Clinton is the surrogate for the last Democrat President to have actually done something in office. He will have several empty chairs occupied by Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones, and Gennifer Flowers. Some of these women will have black eyes and bruises given them by a host of other abused women who fought for the privilege of making a mockery of Clinton.
  • Barack Obama – There will be three empty chairs next to Obama on the podium. One will be for Bill Ayers, communist and terrorist, and one for Jeremiah Wright, anti-America minister who preached hate to the Obamas for twenty years without complaint. Oh, the last one will be for Obama’s birth certificate so everybody will think he is a real American in spite of his hate for this nation.

There. I have gotten through an entire blog without being political at all. I just took a page from Clint Eastwood and made stage craft, not politics.

When Will Joe Biden Resign?

Things are getting difficult for the goofiest Vice President in history, with the possible exception of Al Gore. It is hard to out-dumb Al Gore.

The speculation is that Obama will dump Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential running mate, and add Hillary Clinton. So, how is all this going to happen? What excuse will Obama make for picking such an idiot for a VP in the first place?

Remember, you heard it here, first.

I believe that Joe Biden will announce an illness he has been suffering, and will resign based on health reasons. His reasons may be alcoholism, drug addiction, or some obscure illness that sounds plausible. At any rate, everybody knows that Obama cannot win with Joe Biden. The nation is learning what many of us have known for a long time. Joe Biden doesn’t know enough to get out of the rain, but he is a good liar.

After Biden resigns in the next two weeks, Obama will appoint Hillary Clinton as Vice President, at which point she becomes the natural Vice Presidential running mate for Obama.

Hillary brings her own set of problems to the race.

First, she is smarter than Barack Obama. Second, she is meaner than a rattle snake. She will draw attention to herself. Obama will not like that.

This is what the Democrats have to do to win. They need somebody able to lie with the best, perform well in a televised debate, and is intelligent. Hillary fills all those qualifications.