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Jimmy Carter Has Cancer

Jimmy Carter - 39th President of The United States
Jimmy Carter – 39th President of The United States

I have never been a fan of Jimmy Carter. First, his politics have never been acceptable to me. Secondly, his administration was one of the worst in history up to that time. Thirdly, Jimmy Carter always seemed to favor the Arabs against Israel. Some of his statements seemed to lean towards anti-Semitism.

However, there is no way I would wish such an illness on anyone. Even though a terrible politician, and a terrible President, Jimmy Carter is famously a man who takes compassion on others. Remember Habitat For Humanity? Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, did not found the charity, but they were involved very early.

Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter

Even with his faults, Jimmy is one of God’s children, just like the rest of us. Let us pray that President Carter does not have to live his last days in pain. Let us pray for the salvation of our country.