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Spring Is Over. Where Is Barack?

I don’t think I have ever seen a chief executive so reticent to take responsibility for his actions than Barack Obama. He is apparently the only person in North America who could not foresee  problems with the recent Arab Spring, so recently praised and marveled by our most ignorant President.

Protests against the United States of America in twenty-one countries belies the reason for his world tour following his coronation in 2009. The world has thrown his ignorance back into his face. He went all over the world apologizing for the slights of the nation, many of them only imagined. We cannot apologize for killing terrorists, and we cannot apologize for defending freedom around the world.

Barack Obama does not understand America. After all, he spent significant periods of time in foreign countries living as a Muslim, sucking in all the cancerous Muslim values.

I have never been a birther, and I have never questioned the upbringing of our President. It turns out that this is important. It means that Barack Obama’s little publicized upbringing is important because he is anti-freedom, anti-opportunity, anti-free market and anti-women. All this is standard Muslim stuff.

If you doubt this, I will be willing to listen to your impassioned arguments.