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Need A Strategy, Mr President?

Obama_pic_135hOur President and leader, Barack Hussein Obama, has been having problems dealing with the real world. I admit it must not be easy, especially for a man whose only accomplishment has been on basketball courts playing trash-mouth, in-your-face games. That’s his adopted style for pretty much any conflict with anyone.

Just talk trash, Mr President. The American people will take care of upstarts like Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, and world-wide Muslim terrorist organizations. Once you have contributed your bad-mouthing we will do the hard work of designing a strategy for Iraq and the Middle-East.

We have to understand what our interests are in the area. Some of these are international oil markets, terrorism suppression, business and trade aspirations, human rights, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, helping our allies (Israel), and protection of US citizens as tourists or expatriates. Once we have agreed what these interests are, it is a process of prioritizing, or rank-ordering the importance of each. I think everybody will agree that human rights is up there almost at the top of the list, otherwise, why did we interfere in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Somalia (Black Hawk Down)?

If suppressing world-wide terrorism is on the list, I think that most people would agree that it is best done in the deserts of the Middle-East rather than on the streets of Boston or New York. This is a no-brainer if there ever was one. If we choose to make terrorism suppression a primary element of our Iraq and Middle-East strategy, the proper action is to move aggressively, and not wait for the fight to come to us. Defensive strategies are rarely successful.

If fighting terrorists in the sands of Iraq is a whack-a-mole exercise, then we need to militarily adopt a whack-a-mole strategy. One element of this is to interfere with Iran’s ability to contribute weapons and funds to the terrorists. The same thing applies to other Arab or Muslim countries. They are funding the terrorists, and we should call their hand.

Oh, wait! Have we not we been through all this, before? Were we not at the point where terrorism had been effectively suppressed in Iraq? Did we not have a policy with Iran and other belligerent countries to sanction them for funding terrorists causes, or developing nuclear weapons?

Oh, shades of George Bush. It turns out that the Bush Administration was right. Yeah, I know that a lot of people didn’t agree with the Iraq war. Sorry about that. We won, and now our current President has given the whole country to the terrorists. So, if you want to curse G W Bush, do so after recognizing that Barack Obama is a comparative mental cripple.

If you are not with us you are against us.

Take the fight to the enemy, and fight on their soil. Be aggressive and not defensive.

Mr President, this sounds like a proper strategy to me. We need to understand that the end game may not being a clear win. At the same time we must be dedicated to the necessary survival of our nation, free markets, and individual freedom. We can even call this the Obama strategy.

I don’t think George Bush would mind.



I Told You So!

Barack Obama now has the distinction of having lost two wars. TWO WARS that have already been fought, and that the United States of American has won. Thousands of lives and billions of dollars were spent in these endeavors only to be thrown away by what some people call the smartest guy in the room.

To make matters worse, this whole debacle was foretold by millions of Americans when Barack Obama first took office over five years ago. In only five years Barack Obama has thrown away all this blood and treasure, all in obedience to lofty-thinking, simplistic left-wing morons. I am talking about the Democrat Party, here.

The ability to say, “I told you so!” is not helpful, at all. Barack Obama has dropped-the-ball, screwed-the-pooch, stepped-on-his-Johnson, pooped-in-the-punchbowl, farted-at-the-finish, and has made a mess of generally everything since he has been in office.

But, saying “I told you so!” reflects on me. Call it what you like, but it is all about Obama’s hubris.

You can say what you want about the necessity of fighting these wars, but at the time we thought it was the right thing to do. Those who say otherwise now are denying their own history. Plus, we all knew that there would be a time when our presence in Iraq would be a plus factor in dealing with Iran. Now, Iran is planning on entering Iraq for their own purposes with no opposition.

Oh, what a fool we have for a President. Welcome to the Obama age where everybody is a loser.

Iran Is In Big Trouble

According to news reports, Iran’s economy is in shambles and is getting closer to a financial collapse. International sanctions have something to do with their problems, but lower sales of oil is the biggest cause.

Iran relies on imports for fuel and food. For some reason they cannot feed their own people. There has been a world-wide recession for several years, and demand for oil is down. They need foreign currency reserves to feed and clothe their people.

The United Nations has imposed economic sanctions on Iran thinking that those sanctions would slow and eventually halt Iran’s march to build nuclear weapons. It sounds good but that’s not the way the world works.

The sanctions are having an effect on the Iranian people. Fuel is short. Food is expensive. Manufactured items are in short supply because of the sanctions against exporting goods to Iran. The Iranian population is being crushed, but the political leadership and military prosper. The sanctions are hurting the people, not enough to slow down their nuclear program.

Iran is suffering about a 24% annual rate of inflation. Normal, everyday commodities have become luxury items. Even chicken is considered in that category. Plus, Iran’s continued support of the criminal Assad Syrian regime is draining the Iranian treasury. Things are so bad that the Iranian government is using  Revolutionary Guard troops to keep the people from rioting.

In spite of all this bad news, Iran is still making rapid progress towards the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons. This is their goal, and a few million starving people will not get in the way. If you don’t believe a country is capable of starving its citizens, remember Mao Zedong causing up to forty-five million people to die of starvation because of the inability of communism to feed the Chinese people.

The Obama Administration is irrational about the Iranian situation. Obama is wrong-headed, and going in the wrong direction. Many people credit Obama’s Muslim background as influencing him to keep repeating the failed negotiations route that has failed all Presidents from Jimmy Carter to the present. Negotiations have had no results.

The Iranians will have their nuclear program. Sooner than later, nuclear weapons will proliferate around the world to any and every little Mullah that happens to be running a Muslim country. That means terrorism, and that’s what this is all about.

Obama simply doesn’t get it.