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Primary Day In Georgia – Who To Vote For?

David Perdue, Republican Candidate for U S Senate
David Perdue, Republican Candidate for U S Senate

OK. It is primary election day in Georgia and we have five major Republican candidates for US Senator running to replace Saxby Chambliss. Three of these Republican wannabe’s are sitting US Representatives, one is the former Secretary of State and former Gubernatorial candidate. The fifth is a cousin of the former Republican governor of the state.

My first impulse is to reject the candidacy of those three sitting US Representatives. These are Phil Gingrey, Paul Broun, and Jack Kingston. Both Broun and Gingrey are medical doctors, and I am not excited to elect another rich medical doctor. Karen Handel has a respectable resume and an aggressive campaign with endorsements from famous people, one of which is Governor Sarah Palin.

We get robo-calls from all these campaigns, all day, every day, until about eight o’clock in the evening. Karen Handel’s calls are obnoxious, not only because of Sarah Palin who has an obnoxious voice, but because of the volume of calls. I don’t have anything personal against Mrs Handel, and I am sure she is a very smart lady. However, I really get tired of candidates saying they are the most conservative of all candidates, and that’s why we should give them our votes.

Yes. I am a Republican. I am conservative. I support the principles upon which the Tea Parties were founded. I sometimes have a Libertarian view of social issues, like, we should let people live their lives without legislative interference. I am receptive to same-sex marriage and gay rights, but really don’t care about drugs or the legalization of same. I admit that I can be influenced on some issues.

So, I will not vote for Karen Handel or any of the three sitting US Congress Representatives for Senator. This leaves David Perdue, cousin of Sonny Perdue, former Republican Governor and probably the most moderate candidate.

To Perdue’s credit, he has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, and a Master’s Degree in Operations Research. This is hard stuff, and having a degree in engineering, and an MBA, I can understand what Perdue had to learn to get his education.

Plus, in the business world Perdue was Senior Vice President for Asian Operations for Sara Lee foods, CEO at Reebok, and Chairman and CEO of Dollar General Stores. He also worked in several foreign countries. You don’t get to those heights without being someone special. Sure, those candidates with medical degrees are smart, too. However, they have their limitations. Perdue understands economics and many technical issues, and is not as likely to be fooled by those idiots in the US Congress and their staffs.

Now you know how I will vote, and pretty much why. Being a conservative is important, but is not the primary requirement. You gotta be smart, and you have to understand economics, science, and foreign relations. David Perdue is my guy.