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Fried Chicken Makes Me Happy

  • The  Russians have taken the Crimea
  • The Russians are ready to invade Ukraine.
  • The Taliban are taking Afghanistan.
  • The IRS targets conservative groups.
  • The NSA is spying on citizens.
  • The University of Connecticut won the NCAA Basketball Championship.
  • Jay Leno retired.

There are lots of things to make Americans unhappy nowadays. Anything that has to do with the shenanigans of the Federal Government will make you want to vomit.

Whenever some NASCAR driver gets unhappy, there’s a BC Headache Powder at his command. If there’s a delivery truck driver in pain and unhappy, there’s always Aleve. Poor Tylenol gets left out in the cold.

Me? When the world around me starts going to crap; when those with whom I deal start doing crazy things; when the bills stack up, and when my wife gives me ugly looks, that’s when I think of fried chicken.

Fried chicken. It’s country food. It’s comfort food. If you want to have a good old southern dinner, it’s going to be fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and turnip greens or green beans. Yes, I said mashed potatoes. None of those prepackaged, sissy, creamed potatoes, here.

My mother prepared my first piece of fried chicken. I cannot tell you how wonderful skillet and Crisco fried chicken can be. There are no earthly words to describe the crunchy, juicy, heavenly flavor of what must be  God’s favorite food. Yessir, it’s gotta be fried chicken.

The first fried chicken I tasted cooked by my projective mother-in-law told me I was on the right path for a life partner. Oh, yes. My dear mother-in-law had gone to the same school of cooking as my mother. God’s blessing on my proposed marriage was evident, assuming that mother had taught daughter how to cook. She did.  Umm….

My wife’s cooking is special. Even my children learned that there was no restaurant food better than their mom’s food. When my son was less than two years old, my wife gave him his first fried chicken leg. Oh, did he ever celebrate that discovery that night. He would chomp that leg, and wave it around like a Samurai sword, or a magic wand. After all, my wife’s fried chicken is magic stuff.

My wife doesn’t cook skillet fried chicken anymore. Skillet fried chicken is hard work. Instead, I make do with chicken barbecued on the grill. But, every now and then, I must have fried chicken. Colonel Sanders, Publix Deli, Kroger Deli, Walmart Deli, or local diners are patronized. You would be surprised how good fried chicken can be when you are hungry enough.

When life gets you down, and the government death panels are imminent, just get a bucket of fried chicken and everything will be alright. For a while…