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Friday 13 – A Bad Day?

To begin, we woke up late. Rush, rush for my lovely wife to get to work. Dang! I should have set both alarms. I never hear just one, anyway.

While driving my valuable spouse to work, Moby In The Morning let us know that the date was, indeed, Friday 13th! Wait, Moby In The Morning? Moby is on a country music station. When did my wife start listening to country music? Is there something else going on, here?

picture of a four leaf clover
Four Leaf Clover - Good Luck, Today!

Friday 13th. This could work out to be a bad day, after all.

Apparently, the dog’s constitution is in full alignment with the Friday 13th meme. The fifteen year old pooch unashamedly did his thing in the house. Some creatures deserve untimely departures from this physical realm. I must be careful, though. He could still testify against me in front of St. Peter at that heavenly court when my time comes around.

According to popular legend, the Knights Templar chose Friday 13th to let King Phillip IV of France murder them, and take all their money. You see, the Knights Templar virtually invented modern banking, and the French King was deeply in debt to them. Friday 13th turned out to be a bad day for the Knights, but the King kept his head, his Mercedes, and the money. That’s what kings do.

I don’t plan on any trips, and I am not going to work in the yard. You can never tell when a lawn mower will go crazy on you, or one of those cursed pine trees will live up to their reputation as a widow maker.

Nothing doing, here. I think I will go back to bed. What can go wrong?