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What’s A President To Do With Impetuous Muslims?

Why, you apologize to them no matter how many US citizens were murdered by those fun-loving Islamic peace-nicks.

Come, now. Barack Obama made his famous apology/suck up tour right after his coronation in 2009. He bowed to every little tin-horn dictator he could find, and he kissed the ring of every Muslim potentate available. Barack did a really good butt kissing tour. He apologized to everybody he could find for real and imagined sins of the United States of America. He even kissed up to the French!

He has not apologized to the American people.

Now, he thinks we should respect his lack of effective foreign policy with malignant Muslim entities. This is not new stuff. We have known for a long time that jihad-i’s, read Al Qaeda, have power all over the Muslim world. We also know that they hate the USA and will do anything to kill or embarrass us.

Kiss-ass friends of the President have just killed four citizens of the United States of America, including the Unites States ambassador to Libya without fear of any retribution, whatsoever.  Well, maybe that isn’t true given Barack’s Chicago-like fascination of murder by Unmanned Arial Vehicles. But, that didn’t stop the jihad-i’s.

Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.“, said a high-flying, newly elected President in his suck up speech in Cairo. Obviously, his Muslim friends didn’t believe him, either. The jihai’s in Cairo made a mockery of his words this week. Barack has been pwnd by his cozy Muslim consorts.

Our President is amazed that jihad-i’s had the wherewithal to coordinate attacks on two embassies on 9/11 in two different countries. I don’t think he even realizes that the attacks were not coincidental. The poor guy is out of his league, and he is our President. We have the unappetizing task of supporting a man who doesn’t have a clue.