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Cornbread Makes Me Happy!

We all have our safe places where we go when the world gets too dangerous. Some people go back to their mother’s house. Some people take refuge in their religion. Some people just check out altogether. After all these years, seeing dead spirits and eruptions, and Democrat presidents, I have finally figured out my area of safety. I love cornbread, and if I am sad or upset just give me some cornbread.

Being a southern boy, I don’t want any sugar or flour in my cornbread. However, I was exiled in Texas for over eight years, and developed a taste for Jalapeno cornbread. Those Texicans have something going, there.

The election season is in progress if you want to call it that. We are in the same financial bind that the country was in back in the Great Depression when the unemployment number was over twenty percent. Today, that number is almost twenty percent. Hello? Do you wonder why I am doing my great escape to cornbread?

The future is in grave danger of going down the drain. Those who run the federal government have no clue what’s happening. Those running the federal government are only concerned with getting to run the nation another four years. The nation is in sad shape.

Buck up! There is good news at your grocery store. On the shelves of every grocery is a small section where cornbread mix is available in two-pound sacks. Just dump a cupful of the stuff into a mixing bow, add an egg, a cup or so of buttermilk, but leave the oil out of it. Follow instruction on preheating the skillet you use, and you will wind up with good cornbread.

Just grab a piece of this cornbread, and you too, can forget the incompetence of our politicians. Eat some hot buttered cornbread, and you will think you are in heaven.  Looking for a late night snack? Cornbread and butter milk is just the thing. You won’t need Prosac anymore.

The next several months will be difficult for intelligent people. Democrats never understand anything, anyway, but my Republican friends are subject to feeling bad when trying to sort through the lies of the current President. There are so many.

If our ancestors can prosper on a diet of cornbread and country cooking, so can I. Take a cue from the real American pioneers. Cornbread is for what ails you.

Yahoo Doesn’t Know Barbecue

Yahoo! don’t know ‘nuttin ’bout no barbecue.  The linked article purports to tell you what the twenty best restaurants in America are. One, number 15, is Franklin Barbeque in Austin, Texas. Barbeque in Texas? I don’ t think so.

I lived in exile in Houston, Texas for over eight years. Not once in my career as a traveling salesman in the Lone Star State did I ever find real barbecue. I found some wonderful beef brisket, but as everybody knows, barbecue is pig meat. Pork!

You can cook your beef on a grill all night long, and it will be good. It is still not the barbecue that the Deep South, and thousands of years of pig cooking has brought us.

How, do you suppose, can I pass myself off as anything like an expert in barbecue?  One word, Memphis! I was born, raised, and ate my first pork barbecue in Memphis. We almost grew up in an old-time barbecue restaurant, Leonard’s. Unfortunately Mr. Leonard didn’t live forever, and his widow had to sell-out. The restaurant is still around, but I haven’t tried the product lately.


I found an article on the 7 Best Barbeque Joints in Memphis. Whoever wrote the article did OK, but a couple of my favorites are left out. Remember, even if you have good barbecue, you may not make the grade in Memphis.

Here are a few of my favorites.

The Rendezvous : My favorite rib place. They were indescribable twenty years ago, and still are. The Rendezvous is in an alley in downtown Memphis, across the street from the famous, and original Hotel Peabody of marching ducks fame. It is also the hotel in the movie, “The Firm”. We celebrated my wife’s fiftieth birthday there by calling people in three states and telling them to meet us at the Rendezvous. They did, too.Picture of Rendezvous Logo

Corky’s : This one is on Poplar Avenue in East Memphis, and is the same as it was twenty years ago. You can’t go wrong at Corky’s, unless you go to one of their expansion restaurants in another city. They had one in Norcross, GA at one time, and it didn’t last because the stuff wasn’t as good as at the original restaurant.

Picture of Barbecue Ribs
Ribs At Top's

Top’s : Several locations, good stuff. Try it.

The Commisary in Germantown : “So good yu’ll slap ‘yo mama!”  Yep. It’s that good. Don’t miss this one. I ate so much barbecue there I was full for three days.

There are several more really good barbecue restaurants in Memphis that I don’t know about because I don’t live there anymore. If you are in doubt, just stop at any store or gas station and ask the proprietor for a good barbecue joint.

First, you will make an immediate friend. Memphians are proud of their barbecue and love to talk about it. Secondly, you will probably be turned on to a really great local joint. This is win-win barbecue.

Now, about those poor Texans who line up at ten o’clock in the morning for beef brisket. I know it is good stuff, but it ain’t barbecue. However, there is no doubt in my mind that Texans serve the very best pinto beans in the world. They know how to season the beans with generous portions of beef or pork fat, and sliced Jalopeno’s.

I miss the beans and the wonderful Jalopeno cornbread. You can see I did find something in Texas besides Lone Star Beer. We don’t need to talk about that, though.