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Godwin’s Law And Crooked Scientists

Godwin’s Law is more of a rule than a law, and was first postulated by a guy named Mike Godwin, an attorney and author. It is a rule that speaks to communications on the internet, and the inevitable outcome of those that devolve into intractable arguments.

It goes something like this (paraphrase): As any internet conversation grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.

For those of you who are not familiar with the math of statistics, when the probability of something approaches 1 (one), that event will happen. It will definitely happen.

It helps to understand why this happens. The person invoking the Nazi defense has run out of facts, and is losing the argument. Frustrated, out foxed, and out of facts, this person starts the ad hominem show, and immediately goes for the deepest insult in Western Civilization, the “You are a Nazi” meme. A fresh instance of Godwin’s Law will have been initiated.

The most blatant example of instantiation of Godwin’s Law is from global warming advocates. Their primary arguments depend on a so-called consensus of opinion in the scientific community. This is known as an argument from authority which carries no weight in science.

Global warming advocates have run out of scientific facts. There is no empiricle science that suggests drastic rises in sea levels, increased occurrences of natural disasters, or any catastrophe related to climate change. Once you get past the basic physics of carbon dioxide, the game is over.

Climate skeptics do not argue the basics of carbon dioxide induced global warming, they say that CO2 global warming is real, but not a big deal.

The Catastrophic Global Warming advocates have no science, and have therefore Christened climate change skeptics as deniers, as in Holocaust Deniers. This is a direct comparison of climate skeptics to Nazis.

How about that. Climate change advocates, being out of facts or credible science, are instantiating Godwin’s Law, i,e., comparing those skeptical to catastrophic climate change to Nazis.

Recently, a well-known and nasty advocate of climate change catastrophe, Dr Peter Gleick, committed a crime by impersonating someone else to obtain some records from the Heartland Institute, a libertarian think tank, coincidentally skeptical towards Gleick’s pet theories. Get the whole story at Watts Up With That. Gleick is out of facts, doesn’t understand the science, and was made to look silly in a recent series of articles.

This should tell you something. The Catastrophic Climate guys can’t take it. They are calling skeptics deniers, and frustrated advocates are committing crimes to find something, ANYTHING, to help their outmoded and failed cause.

Godwin’s Law rides, again.

Hat Tip:  Climate Science: Dr Roger Pielke, Sr.