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Our Potemkin President

Obama_pic_135hEverybody should be familiar with the Russian concept of a Potemkin Village. As the story goes, Grigory Potemkin, a favorite lover of the Russian Empress Catherine The Great, fabricated card-board villages to impress the Empress as she traveled to the Crimea along the Dnieper River. He wanted her to think he was doing a great job in administering the territory. Since then, the concept of Potemkin Villages is used to describe phenomenal hoaxes.

Right now, our President is posing for pictures at the death scene of at least eighty poor souls at Bataclan, a Paris theater where the worst of the terrorist attacks occurred. People lay on the floor for up to fifteen minutes as the terrorists blazed away. Not only is President Obama posing for pictures at these sites, he says nothing about the danger and sacrifice ordinary citizens face everyday.  The danger is being minimized by our President.

President Obama doesn’t see Iran as a threat. Instead, his recent agreement gives Iran the certainty of a removal of economic sanctions with the twin-certainties of a huge influx of cash and a date-certain for the creation of the Islam Bomb. Now, Iran has it all and President Obama has ignored that threat. We will pay, someday.

President Obama ignores the global threat Islamic terrorism. It is inconceivable that anyone can dismiss this world-wide threat. Is this another ploy to buy some ethnic minority votes? If so it says a lot about the character of our President as he lives in a make-believe world, ignoring the real problems.

President Obama is now pretending that climate change is a threat. There is no science or economics that support that idea. There are just a few debunked and poorly structured studies that try to show that ninety-seven percent of scientists agree on climate change.

We have a Potemkin President. Not only are his causes and policies a hoax, but they are a danger to the American people, and by extension, to the world at large.

Any bets on Vladimir Putin’s next move that flummoxes our President? Don’t worry, Obama won’t even know what hit him.



Obama Scandals: Benghazi, IRS, Climate Change

Scandals are a dime a dozen in the Obama Administration. Whenever something new comes up, he always says that he will get to the bottom of the matter, or those guilty will be caught and punished. When after a meaningful amount of time has passed with absolutely no results in either explanations, criminals caught, or in the increasingly acrimonious Congressional investigations, Obama will always come back and say there was nothing to it, anyway.

That’s the nature of our chief executive. Right now we have continuing Congressional investigations on Fast And Furious (Federals encourage sale of guns to drug cartels); IRS targeting of conservative organizations to disallow tax exempt status; and the Benghazi Cover-up scandal. Barack Obama is calling all of these very real events, “false scandals”. What a guy! At least five people are dead because of Federal Government policies, and Obama doesn’t care if anybody takes responsibility. Now we have cover-ups.

We wonder why all this is going on in Obama’s Administration. The answer is always Democrat Party politics.

1. Fast And Furious: If the truth could ever come out about who proposed, approved, and managed a program to get guns to Mexican drug cartels, the Obama Administration will no only look bad, but quite possibly the Attorney General might have to resign. Attorney Gernral Eric Holder has been refusing information to the investigative committee for years, and is the most un-American government official I have ever seen.

2. IRS Scandal: During the 2010 mid-term elections, the Tea Parties were formed and were responsible for many Democrat incumbents being booted from office. This is why the Democrats started calling the Tea Parties racist, and other unsupported names. Enter Lois Lerner, IRS executive who made sure that the Tea Parties, when applying for tax exempt status, would be stone-walled, delayed, or denied. Without the ability to collect funds, the Tea Parties were severely hampered in the 2012 elections where they had very little influence. Lois Lerner refused to talk to the Congressional Committee, and the Congress has voted to hold her in contempt for not testifying. The IRS scandal has been under discussion for a year.

3. The Bengazi Cover-Up:  We all know there was a Government cover-up with the Benghazi terrorist attack and the subsequent murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans fighting to protect the Ambassador. Three top officials have lied as to the cause of the attack  including Susan Rice, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. As of today, the Congress voted to appoint a select committee to continue to investigate exactly what was covered up besides the attack being a planned, terrorist attack on the tenth anniversary of the Twin Towers attack. The cover-up was to make sure Obama was re-elected because his claimed policy of Al Queda being decimated was falsified by this one attack on the tenth anniversary of the Twin Towers attack. Many questions need to be answered about Benghazi, and the administration is stone-walling.

4. Climate Change Scam: We all know the climate is changing, and has been for millions of years. We all know that fossil fuel emissions are responsible for some of the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere, and mankind has probably contributed  to global warming. The scam comes in when the administration claims that tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, floods, and forest fires will all get worse because of climate change. WRONG! There are no empirical studies showing this. That is Zombie Science.   The Dems goal is to raise a new tax on carbon emissions to finance liberal programs. Any money spent on mitigating climate change will make no difference, whatsoever. Economists and scientists around the world agree on this fact.

So, you see that anything the Obama Administration does is either a lie or a scam. Everything from economic forecasts to climate forecasts are simply grabbed out of convenient orifices.


A Fellow Named Hansen

Yes, I know I am not a poet, but sometimes I just have to jump in and sully the art. This piece  of work is inspired by an article at Watts Up With That.

A Fellow Named Hansen

There’s a fellow named Hansen
Whose science is quite handsome
And awards grace his pocket we’re told
It pops eyes out of socket to see that gold rocket
Of fame and science so bold

With NASA his sigil
Al Gore at the vigil
His cronies jump in for the fame
They get Mr Fenton to plan the whole lemon
“Shout down the others” the game

It’s methane and ozone
He says in the old days
That will wreck Gaia’s beautiful work
All those farting cows and belching sows
Will destroy our best efforts on earth

As the decades move on his conscience has gone
And his science has now become moot
Now it’s the coal trains and sports cars
That will kill the whole planet
And all of his grandkids to boot

That fellow named Hansen
Whose wealth is quite handsome
Because of his politics and stuff
His science is bad, his arrest very sad
It’s his time to give it all up