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My Worst Nightmare!

picture of busWe all have at least one. I have heard people talk about having nightmares that involved spiders, snakes, alligators, and dachshunds. OK. I am the one with the dachshund nightmare, but that’s another story.

One of my most repeated is the nightmare that takes place while I was in college. This nightmare is the one where there will be a final exam the next day, and I have gone all semester without attending one class. Talk about a queasy stomach.

I still have the occasional feeling of guilt when watching professional football on Sunday afternoons. All those Sundays I was in college should have been devoted to studying, not football. But, that was a Daymare, not a nightmare.

Probably the most common nightmare of my youth involved buses. Yes, it involved the city buses in Memphis, Tennessee where I spent the early years of my life. In the nightmare, I am always riding my bicycle down the street, and a bus starts chasing me.

To make matters worse, I am naked. Yep! There I am, peddling down the street on my 26 inch bicycle, completely naked and being chased by a Memphis City bus. Oh, you don’t know the fear I felt in that dream.

I could ride the bike up driveways, into parks, and hide behind stores and the belligerent bus always found me and tried to run me down in all my naked wonder.

If you Google a search for naked dreams, you will find a plethora of sources, some of them by flaky psychics, and some are probably legitimate. However, the dominant story about naked dreams is that they reflect vulnerability.

Why, heck yes. You would feel vulnerable, too if you were naked and being chased by a bus. Duh!

So, here comes this bus, chasing me down streets, through back yards, up onto porches, and through the park. It would get closer and closer until I could almost see the people looking out the windows at me. What a bunch of voyeurs they have in Memphis to do that.

That’s when I wake up and realize that I am no longer a child riding a bicycle, running from a bus. That feeling of vulnerability recedes and things come back to normal in the daylight.

Maybe the next time, I will do the chasing with my own bus.