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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Picture of my Dad and Mom, circa 1920's
Dad & Mom, Circa 1920's

My Dad was born on April 2,1902. That was one hundred ten years ago. Lots of things have happened since then.

During his life, my Dad witnessed World War I, the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, World War II, the Korean War, the Viet Nam War, and the evolution of automobiles from the T-Model Ford to the modern car. He witnessed the taming of the Mississippi River, the construction of the Memphis-Arkansas Mississippi River Bridges (old and new), and the construction of dams and reservoirs that generated electric power for rural America.

Agriculture went from subsistence farming in the early twentieth century to the modern mechanized farming we see in the Mississippi Delta, today. He was around to appreciate the early days of radio, and saw the proliferation of television sets to the point that there were at least two TV’s in each house.

Computers were invented during his lifetime, although he never understood their impact on his life.

He witnessed medical miracles, but could never find anybody to cure the deafness in his left ear.

Men and women of that generation made America what it was, not what it is becoming. My Dad would be appalled to see what our leaders are doing to his nation. Being descended from Revolutionary War and Civil War soldiers, my Dad was sincerely patriotic.

My Dad and Mom lost six children. Three died as infants in the early years of their marriage,  two sons were killed in  wars, and one daughter died of melanoma at age 31.

He never tired of talking about family, or current events. He instilled in his children a passion for learning.

Even though he never finished high school, he was an intelligent and informed man. Everyday, my Dad would read the local newspapers from cover to cover, supplemented with weekly magazines and television news as that became available.

My Dad led a tough life. Even so, he was thankful for what he had, and taught all of us to do likewise. At every meal, he would ask for God’s blessing, and thank Him for what we had.

My Dad was quite a man.

Here is his blessing, as he said it before every meal.

Heavenly Father, forgive us our sins, and make us thankful for these and all the other blessings. These things we ask for Christ’s sake. Amen.