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Bill Clinton At The Philadelphia Fizzle

The entire nation was waiting for Bill Clinton’s appearance to rehabilitate Hillary after a week of being bad-mouthed at the Republican National Convention. The question is, did he succeed?

Some of the pundits claim he did a superb job. I don’t see it that way. Bill Clinton is still Bill Clinton, and he has never been known for telling truth. Of course, the Democrats in the audience ate it up. Others, like me, listened carefully as Bill listed achievement, after achievement whether or not Hillary had anything to do with it.

If questions would have been allowed for Bill Clinton, one of those questions would have been, “Where is this mythical Hillary?” She’s not there. This Hillary has never existed, and never will.

Bill started his presentation with personal stories about his and Hillary’s early relationship. Not once did he say anything negative, of course. She was a little princess that grew up to save the world from the wicked Republicans. Oh, how wonderful and tearful it was to listen to his account of this love story. There was no mention of Bill’s legendary philandering and womanizing.

The big finish in his presentation was Bill asking the audience to compare the Hillary presented in the Republican National Convention to the Hillary he presented tonight. To those people who watched the RNC, the answer was obvious. To the Democrats, they could only go with Bill Clinton because it was scripted that way. The comparison was ludicrous.

Bill said that you could put Hillary anywhere in the world and within one month the situation there would be better. Of course, he didn’t mention her destructive influence on Libya (Benghazi), Syria, Iran, Iraq, etc. The woman has been a one person wrecking crew in international affairs.

The Clinton Foundation corruption issue was not mentioned, either. Plus, there were probably a dozen or so scandals dating back to the Clinton administrations that were not mentioned. The liberties Bill Clinton took with history are nothing short of fiction.

Bill didn’t mention Hillary’s illegal and dangerous use of a personal email server for official, and classified government business. Bill didn’t mention the recent revelations of the DNC emails where Hillary connived with the Democrat National Committee to trash any chance of Bernie Sanders in his campaign for the Democrat nomination.

The “Big Dog” doesn’t have the fire in the belly, anymore. I don’t think he helped Hillary very much. The Democrats didn’t need convincing, but the Bernie Sanders crowd does. Who knows how that will work out after the screwing the Sanders people got?

Bill Clinton was not able to dispel the doubts about his wife that were generated during the Republican National Convention. She is what she is, and there is no inoculation from lying and cheating.

Poor Bill is getting old, and shows it. He doesn’t have the fire in the belly, and cannot impart enthusiasm like he used to.

I don’t think the nation will buy what Bill was selling.

What do you think?


Bill And Loretta’s Uninterrupted Thirty Minutes

Inquiring minds want to know. Do we have another Bill Clinton sexual escapade going on here? Hey, Loretta may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but have you looked at Hillary, lately?

Did they really do the nasty-nasty, as revolting as that may seem?

Of course, not!

Bill was on a mission, and that mission was to keep his wife out of jail, and to keep the ill-gotten gains of the Clinton’s personal piggy-bank foundation. This was the Clinton’s hail-Mary desperation pass to the end-zone. We all know that Loretta Lynch is under intense Presidential pressure to not indict Hillary, and Bill was trying to get a personal commitment from the Attorney General.

No matter how you look at the incident, there is nothing honest or honorable about it. Bill Clinton was doing what he always does, and that is to influence events and people to keep any in his crowd out of jail.

So, what do we as citizens do when, as expected, Loretta Lynch refuses to indict Hillary Clinton. Do we surge into the streets, vigorously protesting the illegality of our federal government? How do we put the Clintons in jail if the government refuses to do its job?

Sure, there will be lots of lawyer talk about justice being done, and the investigations not coming up to the necessary level to indict a presidential candidate. But, that’s all lawyer talk, most likely by an administration that ignores the law on every possible occation to achieve their ideological goals.

It’s time the government was forced to enforce the laws on the books, and not ignore those that are inconvenient for the Democrat Party. The laws are for everybody, and maybe it’s time for a movement to can the whole lot. The whole situation with Hillary getting away with murder, and Obama getting away with shredding the Constitution, is revolting.



The “Keep Your Policy” Strategy

I have some suggestions, and so do you. Our wishes with respect to this President will never come true. He will never get lost on the way to work; he will not get the slobbering snots from his kids; he will not succumb to our deadly TV stares; and he will not fade gracefully into history. President Obama is like a bad dream. We cannot get rid of him before his term is ended.

Where Obama will go is pretty clear. He will stay his course, defending the despicable Affordable Care Act until the very end, whatever that is. I envision him making only a few compromises. This is out of character for him, but it may come to pass,

The Affordable Care Act will be Barack Obama’s legacy, and the left-wing press will do everything they can to tell us that ACA is a resounding, historical success. The press has so much invested in Barack Obama that they cannot let his administration die the natural death it deserves.

If the Republican Party plays its cards right, they will take over the Senate in 2014. Given their propensity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, they may not make it.

In view of panicking Democrat Senators, there may be something happening, soon. Most likely, the Democrat Senators will suggest that Obama delay the individual mandate for some time. Bill Clinton has a better proposal.

Clinton suggests that Obama let people keep their existing health care policies. Whether Barack likes this or not, it is the best way out of a tough situation. Think about it.

If people get to keep their policies there will no longer be the hue and cry of lie, lie, lie addressed to the President. He will be viewed as contrite, and will even be forgiven for spending extra Billion$ to give millions of people free health care without having compensating funds on the income side of the ledger.

Free health care? Don’t you know that’s a real winner for the Democrat Party?

So, now you know the Big Plan. Free stuff for poor people and illegal aliens. What’s not to like about those votes?

Democrats Prepared To Elect Bill Clinton

Being true to my word, I have not watched any of the Democrat National Convention, but I hear that Bill Clinton got rave reviews for his speech. Now, that’s nothing new because old Bill is not called “Slick Willy” for nothing.

Apparently, Clinton convinced the audience that Barack Obama had never done anything wrong. But, we all remember Clinton’s clever, “that depends on what the meaning of is, is” statement. Slick Willy is still slick enough to make Barack Obama look good.

From the talking heads spin tonight, I can only think that the Democrats are pining for the good old days. Those were the days when Clinton could womanize and lie all he wanted, and people would vote for him, anyway.

Clinton for President! That’s what the Democrats are thinking.

The shame of it is that any of the Clinton’s would be a better Chief Executive than the current White House occupant. What a revolting development our government has worked out to be.

DNC – The Parade Of Empty Chairs

picture of empty chairpicture of empty chair

As many of you know, I have agreed with my wife to not write politically oriented blogs. After all, there was the chance that someone would be offended, and my lovely bride is all about sweetness and light. Bless her heart.

In keeping with my solemn oath to keep mum on political things and politicians, I herewith make the following proclamation:

I will not watch the Democrat National Convention!

That should satisfy my wife and anyone else not used to a little verbal spice in their lives. I will not report on the ramblings, accusations, recriminations, and just plain goofy proclamations of this gang that can’t shoot straight.

There is no reason to watch the Democrat Convention. We know who will be speakng, and we know what they will say. It will be no different from the attack ads we see on TV everyday.

The speakers and their empty chair podium-mates to look for are:

  • Joe Biden – Empty chair occupant will be former Senator Robert Byrd dressed up in his KKK outfit. When Biden makes his inevitable racial gaff, the media stooges can blame it on the chair.
  • Sandra Fluke – Abortion enthusiast with her empty chair partner being a huge condom costing three thousand dollars.
  • Bill Clinton – Clinton is the surrogate for the last Democrat President to have actually done something in office. He will have several empty chairs occupied by Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones, and Gennifer Flowers. Some of these women will have black eyes and bruises given them by a host of other abused women who fought for the privilege of making a mockery of Clinton.
  • Barack Obama – There will be three empty chairs next to Obama on the podium. One will be for Bill Ayers, communist and terrorist, and one for Jeremiah Wright, anti-America minister who preached hate to the Obamas for twenty years without complaint. Oh, the last one will be for Obama’s birth certificate so everybody will think he is a real American in spite of his hate for this nation.

There. I have gotten through an entire blog without being political at all. I just took a page from Clint Eastwood and made stage craft, not politics.