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Democrats Prepared To Elect Bill Clinton

Being true to my word, I have not watched any of the Democrat National Convention, but I hear that Bill Clinton got rave reviews for his speech. Now, that’s nothing new because old Bill is not called “Slick Willy” for nothing.

Apparently, Clinton convinced the audience that Barack Obama had never done anything wrong. But, we all remember Clinton’s clever, “that depends on what the meaning of is, is” statement. Slick Willy is still slick enough to make Barack Obama look good.

From the talking heads spin tonight, I can only think that the Democrats are pining for the good old days. Those were the days when Clinton could womanize and lie all he wanted, and people would vote for him, anyway.

Clinton for President! That’s what the Democrats are thinking.

The shame of it is that any of the Clinton’s would be a better Chief Executive than the current White House occupant. What a revolting development our government has worked out to be.

DNC – The Parade Of Empty Chairs

picture of empty chairpicture of empty chair

As many of you know, I have agreed with my wife to not write politically oriented blogs. After all, there was the chance that someone would be offended, and my lovely bride is all about sweetness and light. Bless her heart.

In keeping with my solemn oath to keep mum on political things and politicians, I herewith make the following proclamation:

I will not watch the Democrat National Convention!

That should satisfy my wife and anyone else not used to a little verbal spice in their lives. I will not report on the ramblings, accusations, recriminations, and just plain goofy proclamations of this gang that can’t shoot straight.

There is no reason to watch the Democrat Convention. We know who will be speakng, and we know what they will say. It will be no different from the attack ads we see on TV everyday.

The speakers and their empty chair podium-mates to look for are:

  • Joe Biden – Empty chair occupant will be former Senator Robert Byrd dressed up in his KKK outfit. When Biden makes his inevitable racial gaff, the media stooges can blame it on the chair.
  • Sandra Fluke – Abortion enthusiast with her empty chair partner being a huge condom costing three thousand dollars.
  • Bill Clinton – Clinton is the surrogate for the last Democrat President to have actually done something in office. He will have several empty chairs occupied by Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones, and Gennifer Flowers. Some of these women will have black eyes and bruises given them by a host of other abused women who fought for the privilege of making a mockery of Clinton.
  • Barack Obama – There will be three empty chairs next to Obama on the podium. One will be for Bill Ayers, communist and terrorist, and one for Jeremiah Wright, anti-America minister who preached hate to the Obamas for twenty years without complaint. Oh, the last one will be for Obama’s birth certificate so everybody will think he is a real American in spite of his hate for this nation.

There. I have gotten through an entire blog without being political at all. I just took a page from Clint Eastwood and made stage craft, not politics.

Clint Eastwood – Genius

Picture of Clint Eastwood at the Republican National Convention
Clint Eastwood In Dialog With Barack Obama Who Is In The Empty Chair Wearing His Empty Suit

The Republican National Convention came to a crescendo last night with Mitt Romney accepting the party’s Presidential nomination.

The most entertaining speaker of the evening was Clint Eastwood, who in a comical and biting speech, made fun of our feckless President. The President was figuratively on stage, ably represented by an empty chair. This is apparently a device used before by stage artists, and it was very effective. One could almost see Obama sitting in that empty chair, wearing his empty suit.

Eastwood is an artistic genius.

He also had Obama engaged in dialog. Barack was using distasteful words about what Clint could do to himself. Eastwood replied that Obama’s suggestion was physically impossible.  This was stagecraft, pure and simple. It works.

Allusions of incompetent politicians and Obama’s resemblance to the same were piled on fast and thick. Eastwood reminded us that it is the people who own this country. Politicians are just employees. Sometimes employees do not live up to expectations, and you are faced with a decision.

Let’s underline that statement, because Eastwood did it verbally. Politicians are just employees!

Boiling the situation down to everyday language, Eastwood said that sometimes you have to let an employee go. With clear reference to Barack Obama, he said that it is time to fire the man.

As Clint finally said, make my day!

A Saturday In June

picture of a beachSomewhere, children frolic in swimming pools and oceans under watchful parental eyes. Somewhere, people are taking the opportunity to drive around the country to see what they can see. Somewhere, people have paid cash money to enter an air-conditioned movie theater to view the latest movie of whoever about whatever.

I don’t have a swimming pool, and learned a long time ago that kids pee in swimming pools. I also do not own a beach cottage, and my kids are all grown so I don’t have to watch them lose themselves in the sun and surf. Movies? I gave up going to the movies a long time ago, unless a really great science fiction flick comes along. Nothing worthy has appeared since the first Star Wars.

So, what’s an old guy to do on a Saturday afternoon? Since I am not a golfer or a gardener, my preference is to stay home and play computer whiz and wannabe intellectual guru on the internet. I have twisted interests, but, so what? It keeps me off the streets.

Of particular interest is the Obama Re-Election Campaign. It’s not working too well when, in the middle of a severe recession with the number of jobs dropping like a rock, he says, “The private sector is in good shape.” He could be a star on a reality show if he applies himself.

On the climate front, a young wannabe climate scienctist and PhD, Joelle Gergis, published a new paper that made questionable conclusions. When asked for her data and methods, she got snarky. Apparently, Dr Gergis’ people skills are even worse than her science skills. The very same people whom she refused found egregious problems with her statistics and methodology, even without all the data. Her paper was put on hold until by the other authors of the paper! Imagine, a half-dozen PhD’s spending over $300,000 on a paper that was written so carelessly.

Unfortunately, much of climate science falls into the category of junk, just like Gergis et al, and sometimes for the same reasons. This was a PEER REVIEWED PAPER!!!  None of those PhD dummies at the American Meteorological Society who reviewed the paper caught the problem. Apparently, those so-called scientists at the American Meteorological Society can’t do weather or climate science. Why are they there?  It took an informal bunch of bloggers to call attention to the crime. A. W. Montford at Bishop Hill gives a good layman’s explanation. Steve McIntyre and colleagues at Climate Audit did the work.

Turning to things personal, this is the second week of my wife’s retirement from the public school system. Today was her first foray into the world of nutrition and grocery shopping. I helped her with a list of things needed, and kissed her for good luck before  she disappeared around the corner headed for stores unknown. Things were good. I had her doing some things to relieve me of my difficult duties.

She just returned from the store. There were no chips. There was no beer. Oh, what have I done? Where is that lawn mower? I need to work out some frustration.

Modern Gladiators

Our political system has devolved into just another Roman circus.

Witness the Republican debates. They started with a bunch of pretty credible candidates, and they are now dwindling down to the precious few. Most of the candidates have taken themselves out of the race because of shrinking poll numbers, or shrinking bank accounts. In politics these two measures have a deadly equality.

Herman Cain did not take himself out of the race. Opponents found some women to charge him with inappropriate conduct, and each one was a he-said/she-said kind of thing. With the current bias in the media, these possible dalliances did not get covered up like the documented sexual escapades of Bill Clinton.

Not one of the Cain accusers offered any evidence of an affair. One was even represented by Gloria Allred, feminist lawyer and Democrat political operative who has a reputation of staging phony witnesses, as in the California gubernatorial race two years ago. Herman could not survive against a press hungry to kill off a legitimate black opponent of Barack Obama.

The whole nation looks on  waiting for either Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum to kill his opponent.  They are waiting for a career ending gaff during one of the debates. Everybody is waiting to see blood, and nobody is going to give the Roman Emperor’s thumbs up gesture.

I don’t know who will survive the GOP debates, and become the great hope for America to escape the dreams of our first Marxist President. Maybe that person will have enough juice to finish the race, and win one for freedom.

Update: I watched the Arizona GOP debate last night. There was lots of back and forth, but no campaign ending mistakes.