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All Stars On Idol

Picture of American Idol promotional graphic from WikipediaI am gobsmacked! The only thing I could say about last night’s show is, WOW!

American Idol is one of those shows that has dominated the ratings for a long time, now, and deservedly so. As opposed to earlier years, this year’s lineup of wanna-be artists is very, very talented. Any one of the contestants can be a top rated entertainer.

In my opinion Josh is the best entertainer on the show. His performance last night was nothing less than electric. Even the judges gave him a standing ovation. However, I don’t think Josh is the best singer. He is great with rhythm and blues, but can be eclipsed in other areas.

Phillip and Colton are good, also. I think Phillip gave a great performance last night, and as the judges remarked, made you think of a Johnny Cash who had Steve McQueen looks. As far as Colton goes, I like his performances, but I think he is limited by his voice. I could be wrong.

What can you say about the women, but, wow? All the young ladies are beautiful, sexy, and are great singers and entertainers. From Skylar Laine’s country performances to Jessica’s hot numbers, to Elise’s Lady Gaga piece, they were all great. Once again, all these girls can become great recording artists.

It is important to bring notice to the backup artists and show sets that are furnished by the Idol management. All the backup artists are quality, and the settings are quality. This has to give the contestants confidence that they show their best.

Right now, American Idol is the most entertaining show in television, and is well worth you time.

I am not an entertainment blogger, but I do like to be entertained.

American Idol – Even A Cave Man…

cartoon of caveman and cavewomanAs I was returning from a visit to my cousin Og-The-Cave-Dweller’s crib, I was deeply satisfied with my journey to the nearby mountains. I had made the journey at the right time, arriving on the day of the annual wet T-shirt contest and moonlight fertility festival. What a party that was!

To make a long story short, I hooked up with the T-shirt contest winner, and while dancing, I clubbed her to complete the ceremony. She was trailing me as we arrived home, with the neighbors peering over their cook fires, wondering where I had been lucky enough to capture my new, hazel-eyed blonde and shapely cook.

In the life of a mound builder, trapping a cave woman is a rare thing. You see, we don’t have any caves down by the river where we live on our big dirt mounds. We have to go somewhere else for our cave women.

Life is tough.

Picture of American Idol title card
Picture from Wikipedia

That’s why we all look forward to American Idol Wednesday nights on Fox. Last night’s episode was quite a show. It was the night for the girls to do their thing, and they all sang great! They put my newly clubbed blonde T-shirt fertility symbol’s screaming to shame with their performances. You can’t have it all in spite of the song.

Perhaps there was a clear winner to some people, but I was impressed with the whole lot. What a collective group of talent they are. I can’t begin to remember the names of the best acts, but some were memorable.

To me the little girl from Mississippi with the country style was magnificent. She sang like Reba McIntyre, and jumped around like a rock star. Then, there were the blues singers.


Almost each contestant received superior accolades from the judges. It made you wonder how one would cull the crowd to arrive at a winner. What a job.

It was a good night for entertainment, and it didn’t cost me a dime. Wait! ATT Uverse runs about $200 per month, plus the High Definition TV at $1,500, plus the cost of electric power and air conditioning. Just building a lodge-wiki to hold all that stuff is a minor miracle on a mound of mud down by the river.

After texting in my votes, I turned to my newly clubbed help-mate and remarked, “American Idol is so good even a cave man could like it!”

American Idol – I’m Hooked

It happens every year. American Idol is one of those so-called reality shows, and is almost always in the number one spot among all television shows. Talent shows have always been popular television shows, and one of the most famous was Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour.

The Original Amateur Hour had its beginnings in radio, and was a smash hit in that medium for about a decade from 1934 to 1945. Ted Mack brought the show to television in 1948. The biggest talent to become famous from the radio era was Frank Sinatra, one of the most popular male entertainers and vocalists of the twentieth century.

The television era produced Pat Boone, Gladys Knight, and Ann-Margaret. A man named  Louis Wolcott played the violin on the show in 1949. Wolcott would later become known as Louis Farrakhan, leader of the militant Nation of Islam.

American Idol has proven to be even more popular, producing talented recording artists like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson, and Chris Daughtry. There are other successful Idol alumni, but these seem to have top spots in the American music scene.

American Idol is different from any other talent show because they start the process with raw, sometimes embarrassing auditions. Sometimes the talent of the applicant jumps out during the initial audition, and sometimes the judges will invite someone to continue when I don’t think they can sing their way out of a wet paper bag.

The process is what gets you hooked. They start with the raw, amateur talent. Through weeks and months the applicants receive coaching, wardrobe, practice with bands and orchestras, and they perform. Idol uses this process to gradually weed out the less promising over the length of the season.

By the time the season is half through, the audience is voting on contestants along with the judges. The process seems dynamic and participatory. In the past there have been some scandals over audience voting by texting their votes. Voting services have sprung up so people can dial/text hundreds of votes for their favorites.

I don’t know who are the best talents this year. There seem to be lots of talented people in the competition, most of whom make good music.

Have fun watching Idol. Vote early, and vote often for you favorite talents. That’s what makes the show so popular.