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Don’t Format The C: Drive!

Yep. I did it. I clicked “Format”, and had a period of instant nausea when I realized  what I had done.

Nooooo, I thought. Yessssss, said the “Format Complete” window.

So, how did I screw up? What would cause a computer professional to blow up his own machine? Well, you had to be there.

It happened while I was baby-sitting my two grandchildren. The little boy is three, and the little girl is eighteen months old. These are the sweetest kids in the world, sometimes.

While the two little wild Indians were ripping the house apart, I was trying to do some work with my laptop. I had one of those little 500 Gb USB drives for storing backup files, but Windows 7 was not seeing the drive all the time. Windows  recommended formatting the USB drive.

With little Thomas train cars whizzing past my ear, and a screaming little girl stealing her brother’s toys, I managed to get some valuable files safely off the USB drive. When I selected the drive to format, I picked the wrong 500 GB drive. The problem is that my laptop’s C: drive is 500 Gb just like the USB drive. This fact escaped me until about one millisecond after the fatal click.

Sometimes when things go bad, everything else goes down the tube, too. The Windows 7 recovery disks didn’t work, either.

Film, flam, damn, damn! 

No problem, I thought. I had upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows VISTA, and I still had the original VISTA recovery DVD’s.

Those damned things didn’t work, either.

I have just about had it with Windows. Whenever there’s a problem, it is like you have to start World War III to fix things.

So, what to do? I installed Linux in about one-half hour, and it works GREAT!

If I can’t come up with an inexpensive fix for my Windows partition in the next week or so, I will be used to working without it. Linux works just great, and is easy to use. Plus, it’s free.

Who knows what evil I can do with another operating system?