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What Did Phil Robertson Do Wrong?

First of all, he opened his mouth in an interview run by someone who would try to trap him into saying things that would be easy to misinterpret.

Secondly, Mr Robertson talked about happy black people when he was growing up. That’s what called Jesse Jackson into the act. My problem is that I understand the man, having grown up in the same time, and similar cultures. My difference is that I had an advantage in that I grew up in a city. Everybody, including blacks, had shoes in the city, but not in the country.

As a matter of fact, my father bought my shoes and clothes at a Jewish owned department store called, “The Black And White Store”. The marketing strategy was obvious, to sell to the poorer white community, and to the black community. This was something the large department stores in downtown Memphis did not do.

Phil Robertson grew in a rural community, where the swamps were a major feature, and furnished part of the living for poor families in Louisiana, both black and white.

It was part of the old South where economies during he Civil War had been devastated, homes and farms were burned, and legislative barriers to trade between the southern states and the northern states were the norm. The entire US southern states were in abject poverty from the time of the end of the Civil War until the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Of course, these economic deprivations were not only visited on white southerners, but black citizens were acutely affected. Reconstruction greed of the northern states knew few boundaries, punishing all living the south. A crying shame after the Civil War is that the anti-slavery advocates in the northern states paid little to no attention to the condition of black America after their freedom from slavery.

So it was that in Phil Robertson’s childhood in the 1950’s and 1960’s, he was probably just as barefooted as the black kids with whom he saw and communicated every day. How can I say this? Even though I was born in the City of Memphis, I still visited kin in the Mississippi Delta where poverty was still the normal in living for millions in the deep South. I was witness to these conditions.

So, before you get off criticizing Phil Robertson, you might want to take a look at what almost everybody in the Old South had to do, black and white, to get along. White people were way better off, but if you were an elementary kid, or even high school kid, you really didn’t know all the facts and history of that society. Opportunities were stolen from black and white, alike.

It is a rewarding thing today to look up and down my street in the Atlanta Georgia area and count the number of black families with whom we are friends. My best neighbor, ever, is a black family. Our kids grew up together, and they are welcome in our house, or our daughter’s  wedding.

We have discussed some things about our racially motivated society, and I have no fear that our mutual love and people and our Christianity will overcome any problems that might arise. I believe we have come a long way.

This Phil Robertson thing will blow over, soon. Nobody will learn anything from it.

The Science Channel Does Science Fiction

picture of USS Skate surfaced in open water at North Pole on August 11, 1958
USS Skate Surfaced In Open Water At North Pole – 11 August 1958

They say, “don’t believe everything  you read”. Well, now they can say it about stuff you see, too. I am not sure who, “they”, are, but I am fast starting to respect their wisdom.

It as gotten to the point that you have to question the programming at the Science Channel. Where are their heads? First, we see programs on melting glaciers and Arctic Ice melting. OK. So, what? Ice is supposed to melt. In the case of the Arctic it is not uncommon for the ice to melt every summer. It re-freezes in the winter, too.

As a matter of fact, we have seen extensive Arctic Ice melts, before. On August 11, 1958 the nuclear submarine, USS Skate, surfaced in open water at the NORTH POLE. Yes, most of the water was covered with ice, but the submarine surfaced unimpeded by ice at the North Pole. There are other times of Arctic Ice melting, but the Science Channel does not tell you that.

Over the weekend, I was particularly attracted by several cable channel programs on the universe, and the various theories and facts that current science has to offer. Unfortunately, most of these good shows were on the History Channel. The Science Channel was just throwing up more fiction.

The Science Channel not only mangles the facts about global warming and climate change, but they are now preaching a new religion. Space aliens.

In the Science Channel series, “Are We Alone”, the producers have committed pretty much every known sin available to wannabe scientists that you can imagine. There is no science supporting their little story about space aliens.

First of all, we hear the fiction of, “With there being possibly billions of planets in the galaxy, surely some of those planets are rich in life”. Wow! What a jump of faith. Certainly, there are no sightings of space aliens, space alien ships, or voting records that I have seen. Where do they get their facts, if any?

The Science Channel relies on SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) for their scientific inspiration. SETI is an organization of people who have been sitting at radio astronomy units for decades, waiting for ET to call, and transmitting heavy metal recordings to their imagined space alien buddies. This is a mission of the ridiculous, and was originated by hippies who could not get a job, otherwise.

By the way, ET has not called, nor has there even been a wrong number call. Nobody calls SETI except for weirdos, social outcasts and medical marijuana advocates.

So, what does the Science Channel series claim?

1. Billions of planets must mean lots of life, which certainly means that somebody out there is trying to reach us.
2. Certain hydrocarbons have been found in meteorites, and therefore life had to begin in outer space, somewhere, and was possibly seeded on earth by space-faring folks.
3. These space folks will return to see if we have been good to our planet, and will spank us because we let the Arctic Ice melt.
4.  We must spent lots of money, now, to get ready for the nasty things our space ancestors will do to us. They might even take our planet away from us.
5. We must make funding SETI a priority. After all, there’s nobody else dumb enough to do what they do.

The obvious question is, if space aliens are so dangerous, then why in hell would we want to send them radio messages? Talk about stupid…

OK. I am exaggerating a bit, but not that much. The series is not about science, nor is it about space aliens. It is about money and scaring people into paying for programs to employ people doing things not needed.

Follow the money.

Green Energy Is Goofy

According to President Obama, green energy is the future, and he is willing to spend Billions of Dollars on solar and wind energy. There are two problems with these grandiose plans.

1. We cannot afford to spend billions and trillions of dollars on so-called green energy projects.

2. Europe has already tried massive solar and wind projects. They do not work.

Spain went all out for wind power, and studies show that for every green job, two other jobs in Spain were lost.

picture of windmill in the NetherlandsGermany has spent about $130 Billion on solar generation, only to discover that they have created power supply problems (solar is not reliable), and have increased the average power bill of every consumer in their country. Bjorn Lomborg, Danish Economist, has an excellent article on this subject at the Global Warming Policy Foundation Blog.

Denmark, claims recognition for having more wind power than any other country in the world. They also have the highest price for a kilowatt hour of electric energy of any country in the world.

At best, large scale wind power and solar power are fools games. Both technologies suffer a basic problem in that no power is produced during specific, identifiable times. Wind mills do not produce power when the wind does not blow, or does not blow sufficiently. Solar cells do not produce electricity in the dark. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t shine about half of the time.

So, what do you do during those periods when the wind doesn’t blow, or the sun doesn’t shine? You will either freeze in the winter, or have a back-up coal fired plant ready to go online, immediately. That would be the coal fired plant you thought you wouldn’t have to build, and based your economic future on saving that money.

Maybe you can store up energy during the productive periods while the wind blows, or the sun shines. This requires some sort of energy storage mechanism. Batteries are the favorite item for this. Unfortunately, battery technology is not at that point where you can afford enough of them to power your house for a half-day. I calculated that with the current lead-acid technology the average house in the USA would require over 2,000 pounds of batteries to run a house for eight hours.

What do you do when you have an acid spill, or a battery fire. The danger and toxicity of batteries is such that I don’t want to be around them.

Wind and solar power generation demand that you spend the same amount of money on back-up schemes as you would on a primary power system. If not you can pay some wiser country for some of their fossil fuel or nuclear generated electricity at drastically inflated prices because you were stupid enough to go wind or solar in the first place.

All green energy jobs, and the markets for wind mills and solar cells are subsidized by the US Government. In turn the United States does not produce the bulk of these items. China is our major supplier.

Obama and his guys have gone goofy.

Penn State Has History In Denial

Pennsylvania State University has a history of ignoring problems. Whenever, there is a problem in the Penn State community, they go into full denial mode. We read, now, that their famous football coach and the President of the University have  been fired for not exercising the proper diligence in investigating some of the incredible failings of their staff members and faculty.

A pedophile coach was seen raping a 10 year old boy by a graduate assistant. It was reported to the Administration (Coach Joe Paterno, and his supervisor). Nothing was done, and the pedophile was allowed to continue molesting children for several years thereafter. Why did the coach and the administrators let this happen? It gets real simple.

Follow the money. Football at Penn State is a huge business, bringing in millions of dollars every year into the schools coffers. The coaches and administration were protecting the franchise.

This is not the first time Penn State has gone into denial.

Climate Scientist Dr. Michael Mann, Director, Earth System Science Center at Penn State represents another dark chapter in that school’s history. Dr Mann, author of the infamous debunked Hockey Stick study, was discussed prominently in the Climate Gate emails that were released, possibly hacked, from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit in the U.K.

Dr Mann had conspired with CRU scientists in encouraging others to delete important emails that were the subject of a freedom of information request. Penn State instituted an investigation of Mann, but never interviewed any of the critics or other accusers addressed in the emails.

Penn State whitewashed the wrongdoings of Dr Mann. Why?  Follow the money. Dr Mann brings in hundreds of thousands of research grants each year to Penn State.

Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit documents the Penn State investigation very well in this linked article.

Penn State has a history of protecting rogue members of its community. The pedophile scandal is one thing they cannot deny any longer.