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Every Thing Is Normal

Mother Earth is still in her orbit around Sol, and the crickets are still doing their job in the Georgia nighttime symphony. Football season has arrived, and Barack Obama has done the absolutely predictable thing of dodging responsibility for his actions.

I am watching the Georgia football team get whipped by a hot Clemson team and Alabama beat an over-powered Virginia Tech. The really big news in other locales is that President Obama will put the question of Syrian military strikes to the US Congress.

Wow! His stated reason for doing so is because it is a really important decision, and it is important for the US Congress to have their say in the situation, regardless of the fact that Obama has already decided to kill some Syrians whether we have a vital interest in the Syrian situation, or not.

The time to worry about our interests in Syria are long past. Like melons and other fruits of the field, the longer you wait, the more ripe and rotten things get. Obama was not capable of ascertaining our interests in Syria, or who we should support. Now, all options are bad options, and the fool will wind up supporting a bunch of radical Islamist terrorists in the agency of Al Queda, and other terrorist groups. What a loser Barack Obama has turned out to be.

The Syrian revolt has been going on for about three years, and Barack Obama has made the huge mistake of not identifying our goals in that part of the world. Could it be that he thinks we have no legitimate place in the affairs of the Middle-East? That would partially explain his initial ass-kissing tour after his first election.

The news Sunday morning will be, Alabama wins, and Obama flounders.

Apologies To Putin For Our Wussy President

Just a quick note:

The next President of The United States will have to apologize to Vladimir Putin for Obama being a brain-dead jerk.  We need to throw our weight around with those guys, but Obama introduced himself to the world in a grand ass-kissing tour.

Instead of slapping Putin up against the wall like George Bush would have done, Obama revealed himself to be a quintessential wussy.

After five years of Obama as President, the United States is respected less, taken less seriously, Al Qaeda has increased in size and effect, and Obama still can’t figure out what is going on.

The man is an embarrassment to the United States.

Big Data And The Federal Government

All my life I have been thankful to be living in the United States of America. From my earliest memories when my mom tried to force me to eat liver by telling me of all the starving children in China and India, to the Patriot Act which collects personal data on potential terrorists. Well, that’s what I thought it did.

This week we learned that the Patriot Act is a bit more invasive than initially indicated. The Federal Government is accumulating macro-data on most American citizens through their telephone call records, their Internet activities, and their credit card records.

Folks, that’s a LOT of private information being snooped in these programs and that is in addition to the IRS exclusively investigating conservative groups in support of the Obama Re-Elect campaign. This is the worst nightmare you can imagine.

Server Racks In Data Warehouse
Server Racks In Data Warehouse

Here’s the way things work. The FBI will go to a FISA Court judge and get a subpoena to collect data on an individual, or set of individuals. After getting the subpoena, they then collect the information from the telephone companies and give it to the NSA. The NSA will dump all this data into their system, and crank-up their data mining programs.

The NSA uses this macro-data, information about the underlying data, to make connections and assumptions about your usage of the telephone networks. This is double jeopardy. First of all, your private communications habits are being reviewed constantly, depriving you of privacy. Secondly, no matter what criteria are used in their pattern searches, there is a chance that you will wind-up being personally investigated. There will be FALSE POSITIVES. Their big dragnet will always come up with candidates as suspects whether they have done anything or not to deserve the attention. There may be no terrorists uncovered by this data, but the Feds will likely investigate every person who bubbles up in their statistical scheme.

The horror story is not over.

Another onerous NSA program has been uncovered called, PRISM. This is a program to accumulate your personal data from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Since Google is constantly having bots read your email, this means that the government has access to what you have been talking about. If Google can tailor ads to your interests, then the Federal Government can deduce your political views, buying habits, sexual preferences, and other things you think are super-secret because all these big internet companies have privacy policies. Well, that’s what they tell us.

Oh, ignorance is bliss.

Enter Big Data and the 2012 Presidential Election. The Obama campaign used data mining techniques to acquire the votes to put Obama over the top. The campaign knew down to an individual who had to be convinced, and personal phone calls and visits were made to get the job done. This knowledge came from the data mining effort.

Google’s Chairman of The Board, Eric Schmidt, bankrolled a data-mining operation called Civis Analytics, after the campaign. In addition to doing commercial work, Civis will consult with Democrat political candidates in the next election. No Republicans will be helped. He claims that he did not furnish data for the campaign effort, but the Obama campaign knew pretty much how everybody would be voting, and how to deploy their resources to influence votes.

Eric Schmidt is a personal friend to Barack Obama. Does it not make you wonder if you Google searches are unbiased by their algorithms? So, did Eric Schmidt have anything to do with giving data accumulated by Google to the Obama Administration? Inquiring minds want to know.

I am not so sure I want to keep my email account with Google, anymore. Well, maybe I should extend that to Yahoo, also. Oh, my Microsoft email account and Skydrive cloud storage account are under surveillance, too. What can I do? Who can I trust?

That’s the question, isn’t it? Who can you trust?

I don’t trust the Government of The United States. I don’t trust anybody, anymore.

Who do you trust?

Career Bureaucrats Are Far Worse Than Our Elected Politicians

I rarely re-publish someone else’s articles. This article is a worthwhile read by an American citizen now living in Venezuela. The link to his blog is in my blog-roll, and is well worth adding to your list of favorites.

Asylum Watch

On the 15th of May, I wrote a post titled The Bureaucratic Swamp That Is D.C. (District of Corruption). It that post, I quoted from an article in the Washington Post by George Will who, in turn, used this quote from Christopher DeMuth (a Fellow of the Hudson Institute) at George Mason University:

Government power is increasingly concentrated in Washington, Washington power is increasingly concentrated in the executive branch, and executive-branch power is increasingly concentrated in agencies that are unconstrained by legislative control. Debt and regulation are, DeMuth discerns, “political kin”: Both are legitimate government functions, but both are now perverted to evade democratic accountability, which is a nuisance, and transparent taxation, which is politically dangerous.

My good friend and favorite satirist, Manhattan Infidel, left a comment saying: “it’s now the government of the bureaucrats, by the bureaucrats, for the bureaucrats“. I agree with him and…

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A Bit of Introspection

The Great Satan has won, and the nation will be in shambles in no time at all. The economy will crash, and we will all be forced to live in concentration camps while fending off the welfare-takers who are constantly trying to take that for which we have worked over our lifetimes.

Everything is bad, and so are our prospects. Look for Obama to tell us that since Medicare is so expensive, all retired people will have to surrender their IRA’s and pensions to pay for illegal aliens health care. That’s his style. He doesn’t want to fix the system, he wants to use it to for his power.

The sun came up this morning, and I was still above ground. There is a lot for which to be thankful. The problem is that I reality is just around the corner, and things just may not get better. The Democrats will win the budget negotiations because the Republicans are losers and have no backbone.

I have been writing bitchy blogs for some time, now, and I am tired of the subject. Nobody listens, and nobody understands.

You see, most people like the idea of a free lunch, free health care, and free anything. Illegal aliens especially like it because citizenship will be free, along with their food and health care. That is what happened in this election . The President and his party have sold out the American people for the illegal Hispanic vote.

Vaya con Dios, Bro’. I’m taking Spanish lessons.

Will History Repeat Itself?

Something ominous is going on. Just think about it. First of all, the worst President in American History was elected to a second term. Now, we have the news that Notre Dame University is undefeated, and may well become the next national football champion. The last time Notre Dame won a national championship during a Democrat administration, the event presaged some of the worst days in American History. You see, Jimmy Carter ruled the White House, and Notre Dame ruled the gridiron.

‘Nuff said.

With the confluence of these two ominous events repeating, it spells bad luck for the nation. When Notre Dame won the championship during President George H W Bush’s administration, the Republicans kept the nation on an even keel in spite of the Notre Dame influence.

It is like the Biblical Children of Israel being exiled to foreign countries. No, it is worse. The last time the Democrats and Notre Dame won at the same time, things got really bad.

The entire country went into the Jimmy Carter malaise (a vague or unfocused feeling of mental uneasiness, lethargy, or discomfort). Democrats are all about malaise.

With great malaise, we prepare ourselves to jump off the fiscal cliff, while watching Medicare and Medicaid go bankrupt, and an undeserving football team that plays an elementary school schedule to be declared National Champion.

You must pray that either University of Georgia or University of Alabama will be able to do their part and right the wrong perpetrated on the nation by that Catholic school in Indiana whose name is bitter to speak.

Fighting Irish. Horse-feathers!

Time To Pay The Parasites

The unthinkable has happened. We are now, officially, a nation of parasites, takers, sponges, and welfare cheats.

The task now is to pay the parasites that have won the election. It is not pleasant, nor is it cheap. The greediest people in the country now run it. Forget freedoms and forget expecting the United States of America to be a strong country. The cowards and slackers are in control.

Starting in January, 2013, income taxes for most people will go up. The Bush tax cuts that saved the economy will be taken away. The economic damage to the economy will be incalculable.

Get ready for the nation to go off the financial cliff. Don’t expect a budget out of the White House, either. There is no plan to reduce the spending or the national debt. Correcting the financial shape of the nation is not in Barack Obama’s plans. He plans on more of the same tax and spend agenda.

Why does he do this? He is a big thinker pushing a small-minded agenda. The guy is a Marxist. Period. Socialism is the cornerstone of his vision for our nation. We may never dig our way out of this hole.

The stock market crashed, today, down a full two percent. Investors do not respect Obama’s ideas or policies. The stock market’s outlook for the nation’s economy is heralding a disaster.

Higher gasoline prices.

Higher food prices.

Higher taxes.

Higher health care prices.

Fewer jobs for qualified people.

Fewer companies being formed.

Buy stock in health insurance companies, food companies, and oil companies. All the rising prices mean higher profits for the sectors Obama was supposed to heal.

By all means, go on a diet. Get used to eating less. You won’t be able to afford much food, anymore.

Welcome to Obama’s World.