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Keep Your Plan, The Man Says

I got that one right. Pundits say that this is the death knell of Obama Care, but I think the man has a plan to get through this in spite of the current problems. The web site will be fixed, and all those government and insurance computer systems will eventually be able to talk to each other. It will not take that long to fix it, either.

OK. Now that people can keep their old health care policies, they probably will not be able to resurrect the old policies because of bureaucratic inertia in the state governments and the insurance companies.

So, let’s look at how Obama gains.

1. Barack Obama has taken steps to stop the political bleeding. He doesn’t give an old sock about people as long as he is worshiped, daily, in the press. He knows that his legacy depends on what he can force the press to say about his performance.

2. The Affordable Care Act may have problems paying for all those policies that sick people will buy, but once again, Obama doesn’t care. He doesn’ t hesitate to spend money on things that he wants.

3. The ACA will still be around, even though it racks up stupendous deficits. Once again, Obama doesn’t care.

Long after Obama leaves office, the ACA will have embedded itself into our society so deeply that we cannot get rid of it.

My opinion is that Obama wins.

The “Keep Your Policy” Strategy

I have some suggestions, and so do you. Our wishes with respect to this President will never come true. He will never get lost on the way to work; he will not get the slobbering snots from his kids; he will not succumb to our deadly TV stares; and he will not fade gracefully into history. President Obama is like a bad dream. We cannot get rid of him before his term is ended.

Where Obama will go is pretty clear. He will stay his course, defending the despicable Affordable Care Act until the very end, whatever that is. I envision him making only a few compromises. This is out of character for him, but it may come to pass,

The Affordable Care Act will be Barack Obama’s legacy, and the left-wing press will do everything they can to tell us that ACA is a resounding, historical success. The press has so much invested in Barack Obama that they cannot let his administration die the natural death it deserves.

If the Republican Party plays its cards right, they will take over the Senate in 2014. Given their propensity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, they may not make it.

In view of panicking Democrat Senators, there may be something happening, soon. Most likely, the Democrat Senators will suggest that Obama delay the individual mandate for some time. Bill Clinton has a better proposal.

Clinton suggests that Obama let people keep their existing health care policies. Whether Barack likes this or not, it is the best way out of a tough situation. Think about it.

If people get to keep their policies there will no longer be the hue and cry of lie, lie, lie addressed to the President. He will be viewed as contrite, and will even be forgiven for spending extra Billion$ to give millions of people free health care without having compensating funds on the income side of the ledger.

Free health care? Don’t you know that’s a real winner for the Democrat Party?

So, now you know the Big Plan. Free stuff for poor people and illegal aliens. What’s not to like about those votes?

Obama Care Surge

The Obama Care internet web site has cost over $500,000,000 to date, and will cost a lot more before it is in working order. I could go into hour-long rants of just how incompetent this administration is, but that will not save us any money. ‘

Indeed, the way to save money is to get rid of our most ignorant spendthrift, President Barack Obama.

Now, our lack-luster chief executive is instituting a so-called technology “surge” to correct a problem that should not have happened. Obama has already surged with our money.

Obama’s first surge in correcting the problem is a surge in misleading speeches. He says the product is great, but there are “glitches”. Oh, my! Glitches? The system is a Full-On Obama patented train wreck.

I don’t believe there has been a bigger failure in our history than Obama care. The problems are systemic, and almost no amount of money can fix the myriad problems. If we are really going to have this worst of all health care systems, they need to start over on the technology part, and demand those hundreds of millions of dollars back from those companies that gamed the system for fun and profit.

Boehner To Reid, “Back Atcha'”

Mister “I No Negotiate” Harry Reid has a decision to make today.  House Majority Leader John Boehner will have the House vote this afternoon to add amendments to the Senate bill, or Continuing Resolution, to keep the government funded.

Boehner will add an amendment to defer Obama Care launch for an extra year, while eliminating the egregious medical device tax Obama care imposes on a relatively new industry. This is a wise move on Boehner’s  because pretty much all medical device start-up companies have to leave the United States because Obama care taxes the Gross Revenue of such companies.

The device tax doesn’t affect large companies in the business because they are already established and their their survival is not threatened.  A tax on gross revenues is tough on a start-up, and venture capitalists refuse to fund start-ups when the regulatory deck is stacked against them.

Obama is OK when it comes to destroying jobs and entire industries, and the refusal to even recognize these problems ensures his eventual  negligible presence in American history.

Senator Ted Cruz, (R) Texas

You gotta love it. The freshman Senator from the marvelous State of Texas has made a big splash in the normally moldy, boring, and sometimes irrelevant halls of the US Senate. We are used to hearing empty suits like Majority Leader Harry Reid, or the cold oatmeal-like speeches of the Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

What we heard from Cruz was passion. Say, what? Passion in the Senate?

Senator Cruz may be passionate about killing Obama Care, which is praiseworthy in itself. Or, Cruz may be passionate about his ascent in the Republican Party without having paid his dues. That’s OK, too. The old structure needs shaking up, and right now, any shaking can be a good thing.

Everybody knows that Obama Care is not a good thing. Everybody will pay more for healthcare, get less and at lower quality. The people gaining the most will be illegal aliens if Obama gets his way with immigration reform.

Cruz has chosen a holy cause that will not hurt him in any way.

The Obama Care fight has to be fought, now. Whether we win or lose makes little difference in the short run. To save lives, jobs and our standard of living, the system has to be changed. The American public will not forget this battle, nor why it is being fought.

This is all about the future. Ted Cruz is hitching his reputation with the Obama Care fight and that is perfectly acceptable.

The man and the cause make good fellow-travelers, no matter what you think of either.

Obama’s Banana Boat Song

Our President has made some pretty dumb statements in his five years in office. Yesterday he said:

Obama: US will be ‘banana republic’ if GOP forces default

Read all about it, here.
The truth is this: If we don’t get rid of Obama care and Obama, we will be like a banana republic. Obama is turning into a tin-horn dictator the likes of which we are used to seeing in those kinds of places.
In honor of our Banana Republic President, I dedicate the following poor paraphrase of the Banana Boat Song made popular by Harry Belafonte. (Gheez! I looked up the lyrics to the real song and they are pathetic.)

The Obama Banana Boat Song

Day, me say day, me say day, me say day, me say day
Obamacare come an me wan go home
Day, me say day, me say day, me say day, me say day
Obamacare come an me wan go home

Come Obama man gimme me de banana
Obamacare come an me wan go home
Make me rich wid de food stamps and de cell phones
Obamacare come an me wan go home

Obama man makes de deficit go bigtime
Obamacare come an me wan go home
Boehner man say dis not gonna be fine
Obamacare come an me wan go home

When Obama gone things will get good
Obamacare gone an me glad to be home
He can go back to Chicago crook hood
Obamacare gone and me glad to be home

Day, me say day, me say day, me say day, me say day
Obamacare gone an me glad to be home
Day, me say day, me say day, me say day, me say day
Obamacare gone an me glad to be home

The New Leader Of The Pack!

Barack Obama portrait
Former World Leader Obama

For years and years we have heard the prophecy that one day the power and prestige of the United States of America would be outdone by another nation. There have been lots of philosophical, theocratic, and alcohol tinged forecasts about when this would happen, and who would be the new world leader.

Well, much to our chagrin, the new leader is not the United States of America. That’s kind of obvious. The real surprise is that our standing has been eclipsed by a nation that was literally bankrupt a decade ago. Back then the USA tried to help these former communists make a go of it as a democracy.

Oh, how the worm turns.

We did not lose a war. We have not gone monetarily bankrupt. Our citizenry have not gotten much lazier. So, what happened to the robust, thriving, confident United States of America? What has made us a bunch of losers?

We elected Barack Obama.

Obama is an apologist for Marxist dogma, and an unrepentant activist in outdated social philosophies. All it takes is one disastrous leader to bring down an empire, and thrust an entire civilization into poverty and slavery. We have found ours and his name is Obama.

Our new world leader is a man of great accomplishments. He started life in modest surroundings and succeeded in accomplishing the American Russian Dream!

Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin
Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin

Little Vlad followed in the footsteps of his father, Vladimir Spiridonovich, who was a cop in the Soviet NKVD. They took care of everything from traffic tickets to political executions, whatever was needed at the moment.

As an elementary school student, he copied his father and specialized in breaking the fingers of those who would not give up their lunch money. In high school he graduated magnum cum louder, and was the top sharp-shooter in his AK-47 class. He was also the recipient of the Joseph Stalin medal for diplomatic debasement.

KBG officer Putin
Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Putin, KGB

Hitching his wagon to the Communist Party star, Vlad went on to secure fame and glory at the International Law branch of the Law Department of the Leningrad State University in 1975. His PhD thesis was on international law, and titled, “The West Can’t Do Anything When You Spit In Their Face“. Well, maybe not. The real title is in the Wikipedia article, somewhere.

With his KGB career into full swing, young Vladimir achieved the lofty heights of Lieutenant Colonel, and was awarded the Russian Federation Order of Honour. For this honor he was photographed for the centerfold of Pravda’s monthly magazine, “Our Russian Heros”. Putin’s topless photo is legendary.

Without further ado, allow me to present the newest Leader Of The Free World, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

pic of putin on horse
President Vladimir Putin