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Penn State Has History In Denial

Pennsylvania State University has a history of ignoring problems. Whenever, there is a problem in the Penn State community, they go into full denial mode. We read, now, that their famous football coach and the President of the University have  been fired for not exercising the proper diligence in investigating some of the incredible failings of their staff members and faculty.

A pedophile coach was seen raping a 10 year old boy by a graduate assistant. It was reported to the Administration (Coach Joe Paterno, and his supervisor). Nothing was done, and the pedophile was allowed to continue molesting children for several years thereafter. Why did the coach and the administrators let this happen? It gets real simple.

Follow the money. Football at Penn State is a huge business, bringing in millions of dollars every year into the schools coffers. The coaches and administration were protecting the franchise.

This is not the first time Penn State has gone into denial.

Climate Scientist Dr. Michael Mann, Director, Earth System Science Center at Penn State represents another dark chapter in that school’s history. Dr Mann, author of the infamous debunked Hockey Stick study, was discussed prominently in the Climate Gate emails that were released, possibly hacked, from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit in the U.K.

Dr Mann had conspired with CRU scientists in encouraging others to delete important emails that were the subject of a freedom of information request. Penn State instituted an investigation of Mann, but never interviewed any of the critics or other accusers addressed in the emails.

Penn State whitewashed the wrongdoings of Dr Mann. Why?  Follow the money. Dr Mann brings in hundreds of thousands of research grants each year to Penn State.

Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit documents the Penn State investigation very well in this linked article.

Penn State has a history of protecting rogue members of its community. The pedophile scandal is one thing they cannot deny any longer.