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Source of Educated Idiots

Many of us have wondered for years how all those idiots in Congress graduated the Ivy League universities on their resumes. You read about Hollywood figures’ idiotic and uneducated opinions who went to Ivy League schools. How does this happen?

Come on, folks. All our lives we have known that wealthy people have not only a leg up in life, but their families make sure their children are part of top tier educational networking groups. They keep it in the family.

The Kennedy’s, with the exception of Teddy, went to Harvard. Al Gore went to Yale, with his roommate being Tommy Lee Jones. The Bushes went to Yale. Not all of these people were idiots, but some stress the boundaries.

I am sure that a lot of the children of the rich and famous are intelligent in their own right. However, it is the Al Gore’s of the world that give education a bad name. Gore’s major talent is using his contacts to make money while he moralizes his way to the bank. His ideas are off the scale with respect to stupidity.

The nation is now in the beginning of the biggest education scandal in history.  Wealthy people have been caught buying their kids higher SAT scores to get them into tier one colleges. For every bogus student like this, a hard working, smart and talented kid is denied access to the educational promised land.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a cum laude (with honors) graduate of Boston University. BU is not exactly a top tier institution, but something similar is going on when someone of AOC’s intellectual shortcomings are cum laude graduates. So many universities have become politically correct baby-sitting operations.

The much vaunted liberal arts degree is no more.  In many schools grades are not given, and kids don’t fail. This is primarily in the humanities. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the poster child for this historical fault in our educational system.

So, there it is. If you are rich enough, or have the right connections, you can get your kid accepted into a top tier institution. If you kid is a dummy that is not problem. Nobody fails once accepted into the college club. Your kid is home free.

Now I understand where all  those idiot celebrities and politicians come from.

Anti-Abortion Bumper Stickers

The bumper sticker said, “You Can’t Be A Christian And Pro-Choice”.  This bumper sticker was thought-provoking, to say the least. The car’s owner was obviously a devout Roman Catholic. The give-away was another bumper sticker saying, “Pray the rosary”.

I have long thought that those people who paste bumpers stickers on their cars have a problem. I detest bumper stickers, and see those who use them as rejects from the IQ allocation line at their creation.

In the case of the anti-abortion sticker I decided to reserve my opinion until I had thought about the issue for a bit. As I approached my car on the parking lot where I spotted the little sign, it struck me that the woman driving the vehicle was correct. I don’t see how you can be a Christian and advocate abortion for every pregnant woman. Jesus is all about life, and killing does not fit into our Christian beliefs.

Let’s think about this. There are certainly cases where an abortion is a recommended procedure for various reasons, some of which have to do with women’s health. That is the crux of the issue. Rape, incest, and the issue of the mother’s health come into play about five percent of the time, or even less.

The term, Pro-Choice is a straw-man, or fake argument. It is a euphemism that tries to conceal the fact that abortions are an act of killing. The fact that abortions kill babies is so incontrovertible that abortion advocates try to soften the issue by using a meaningless descriptive term, Pro-Choice. It is similar to terms like Climate Change, Social Justice, etc.

To follow-up on the social implications of abortion, it is well-known that pre-historic and other uncivilized societies practiced infant sacrifice and murder. For some, killing babies was because during food shortages when a tribe could not afford to feed a new mouth. Other societies would sacrifice babies and adults to please their gods. Even the Bushman of South Africa would make sure that there were no pregnancies during times of extreme drought and shortages.

It seems that abortions, or killing your young, is not only incompatible with Christianity, it not compatible with civilized people.

Abortions are uncivilized.

Gay Kiss-In Day At Chick-fil-A

You may think this is the most ridiculous thing ever proposed, but I think it is an unparalleled opportunity for Chick-fil-A. Just think, you may be a Chick-fil-A franchise owner with a hundred or so men kissing each other in your dining room. I can see where this could ruin an entire day of business.

I have an idea.

Dan Cathy, CEO  of Chick-fil-A can see this as an opportunity to make friends, increase business, and bolster the health needs of the gay community. After all, the man is a Christian and is concerned with the welfare of his fellow man. It is time to turn the other cheek, so to say.

Cathy needs to put the word out that if anybody walks up to a Chick-fil-A counter speaking the words, “I’m gay!”, they will get a small order of delicious chicken nuggets, free.  There will be a prize in each chicken nuggets box, a free condom.

This will accomplish three things. First, it will help gay people to come out of the closet by public proclamation. Second, Cathy can get points by being kind to his enemies. Third, he is furnishing condoms so sinners can do so in relative safety from spreading HIV.

After all, turning the other cheek is the Christian thing to do, and I think it will receive lots of positive press.

Defensive Positions

picture of human embryonic stem cells
Embryonic Stem Cells

Things are getting heated out there, folks. You cannot have a conversation about anything resembling politics, anymore. Everything you hold dear has been polluted in some way, down to the point that your viewpoint is bastardized into a single word or sound-bite.

Think about those inadequate terms, pro-choice and right-to-life. These terms have trivialized the debate, and that was done to limit the discussion to the liberal’s advantage. In my opinion you cannot be an absolutist on either side of the abortion debate.

Similarly, economics takes a hit from socialists describing capitalism as corporatism, or as some sort of greed machine that is totally insensitive to individuals. None of these are true, of course. All of man’s endeavors, I believe, are built on greed. But, wait!

Greed is defined as an excessive desire for wealth or possessions.

How do you define excessive? If you are a critical person, you will stay away from restrictive definitions. All of this stuff will be different from person to person. That’s where advocacy groups try to confuse you.

We are so involved in social and economic issues that we get hooked into the sound-bite world. Once you let yourself get into the sound-bite world, you are compromised, and have no freedom to debate. You will have let someone else define your position.

We have got to stop penalizing our debates with black and white, go/no-go positions. The real world is rarely that way.

With that in mind, I will step up to the plate and give you my conservative position on some of the critical issues of the day.

1. Abortion – Abortion by its definition is the ending of a life. Period. We all understand that sometimes abortions will be necessary, but I believe that a woman who depends on abortions to underpin a promiscuous sex life is just an unforgivable murderer. Nobody can choose freely what to do with themselves. If you do drugs, you will be jailed. If you unsuccessfully try to commit suicide, you will be institutionalized for your own protection. The term, pro-choice, is empty of meaning.

2. Gay marriage – This is one of those things where, as a conservative, I do not understand the prevalent conservative view. Who cares of a couple of men marry? Why would anybody care if lesbians marry? Gay people are no threat to the institution of marriage. They are not even in the gene pool, and constitute such a small proportion of the world’s population that any sociological effects will be trivial!

Married people are the biggest threat to marriage. If we can get married people to stay married, the institution of marriage would not be in trouble. Any challenge to the institution of marriage is not by gay people,but by liberal ideologies that minimize the social importance of the institution. These ideas are promulgated by the same people who believe the only difference between men and women is attributed to environmental conditions, i.e., how people are raised.

I think people who make a major issue of gay marriage have something else as their agenda, and that is anti-gay people in general. The gay marriage issue is just a smoke screen for a more sinister attitude about gays.

People are so sensitive about homosexuality, they will many times not discuss it, at all, if they disagree with you. I suppose this is one of those issues that genuinely scare people.

3. Prayer in school – As a Christian and political conservative, I am against organized prayer in public schools. I know this is not what mainstream conservatives advocate, but it took about five seconds (thirty years ago) for me to realize that if we allow this to happen, somebody we don’t know, and probably don’t respect, will be teaching our children how to pray. This is so obvious that I cannot believe thinking people would advocate organized prayer in a public setting.

Even having a quite period for prayer is not necessary. If you want to pray, do it on your own time and don’t make a spectacle out of it. That is what we as Christians are taught.

4. Stem cell research – There is no inherent moral problem with stem cell research. The problem comes from using stem cells from embryos whose purpose was to bring life into this world. When you destroy an embryo, you destroy a potential person. Notice my use of the word, potential. I don’t know when an embryo becomes a person, but we do know embryos were alive at some point. George W Bush was right.

However, he did not cut off government spending for embryonic stem cell research. He approved such spending, as it had not been done before. The liberals’ problem was that President Bush didn’t approve all embryonic research. Instead, he did the right thing.

Now, we get into weird. Are frozen embryos alive or dead? They must be alive, somehow, because they can become people. So, how do we take into account that a frozen embryo is alive, but not yet a person. If an embryo is not a person, is it a human? Until I can figure out all this stuff, I say, “Hands off the embryos!”.

There are undoubtedly other positions I can talk about. Remember, I really am a conservative, but I take my conservatism with a dose of critical thinking. How do you see these things?