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A Song About My Wife

She Ain’t Got Ugly, Yet

When I was young and full of myself
I dated long and often
Then I met a girl who caught my eye
With her good looks and her cooking

She ain’t got ugly yet
No, She ain’t got ugly yet
Her momma was a looker and a real good cooker
And she ain’t got ugly yet

I made my pitch and we got hitched
With each other to live forever
She raised our kids and she’s still a looker
We have managed to stay together

She ain’t got ugly yet
O, She ain’t got ugly yet
She was the prettiest girl in Tennessee
And she ain’t got ugly yet

She don’t like football, booze, or cars
And she frowns on those who do
She kicks me around like an old hound dog
And her kids are afraid of her, too

O, She ain’t got ugly yet
No, she ain’t got ugly yet
She runs our family with an iron hand
And she ain’t got ugly, yet

We are getting old, and tired and slow
Folks see my deterioration
When they look at my woman they like what they see
And wonder how we got together

O, she ain’t got ugly yet
No, she ain’t got ugly yet
She’s tough as nails with a tender heart
And she ain’t got ugly yet.

We are on life’s downhill, all retired
Our lives we have lived together
We don’t care what we look like now
Our love continues forever

O, she ain’t got ugly yet
No, she ain’t got ugly yet
She started life as pretty as they come
And she ain’t got ugly yet


Note: This here song is copyrighted by me and if any of you folks copy it or parts of it I will find out and do terrible things. Just think, Law Suit.

Bucket Lists – Can You Find Yours?

Picture of Angelina Jolie
Some Bucket, Some List

No. I have not seen the movie. It may be a comedy. It sounds like something with which I would identify, but much too closely. You see, I am an old fart, and the thought of dying, much less planning my activities before I die, is a little too…

All of this bucket list stuff is tantamount to planning one’s own funeral. It may be the smart thing to do, but it is a little scary.

These are my thoughts on a bucket list.

  • Mount Everest – I will never climb that mountain. Indeed, I don’t even like mountains.
  • Climb the Washington Monument, or The Statue of Liberty, or The Eiffel Tower – Remember the mountain thing? Same kind of thing, here.
  • Fly An Ultra-Light Aircraft – Remember John Denver? I don’t think falling from the sky was on his bucket list, either.
  • Fly To The Moon – There are not enough bathrooms or rest stops between the earth and the moon for me to do this.
  • A Date With Angelina Jolie – Get serious!
  • Run For President of The United States – I could not survive the background checks.

As you can see, the average bucket list can take money, time, and youthful strength and energy. Most people need to set their sights a little lower.

Some simple things come to mind with the less ambitious bucket list.

  • Take a trip to the World Trader  Center Ground Zero in New York City – Say, “Thanks!” to every NYPD, NYFD, or US milatary service person you see.
  • Forgive Your Enemies – This is a Biblical thing.
  • Trade Up With Your Booze – Life is too short for cheap whiskey or light beer.
  • Go Meet Your Neighbors – This will give you some leverage when complaining about their children doing wheelies in your yard. If they start with bicycles, they will carry this behavior forward to their motorcycle and car phase. A little effort can save a lot of pain.
  • Go To Church – This is important. Your immortal soul is important, and your family won’t have to beg a minister to conduct your funeral. Plus, with a good church membership, you are almost guaranteed to have pall bearers, and lots of people at your funeral.
  • Spend All Your Money, Now! – First of all, the dollar is worth less everyday. Secondly, it seems a bit crass to think of somebody marrying your widow, and drinking beer on your money. Drink ‘er up!

You see that with a little thought, a much more reasonable bucket list can be created. Just don’t forget where you put it.

They say the memory is the first to go.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everybody. The year 2011 was a lack-luster year for America, and most Americans. The recession grinds on, and on. But, 2012 promises to be a better year, although only marginally better.

My predictions for the economy are as follow:
1. The Gross Domestic Product will improve, but not much. My guess is that it will exceed 3% for the year, which is barely above recession levels.
2. The jobs picture will improve, but only slightly. More people will go back to work, but at lesser incomes. This is not good.

With all that said, I am looking forward to a better year because I want it to be better. If you want things to get better, then you can make them that way, and the first thing you need is a good attitude. I have that.

On a personal front, I plan to lose weight to the tune of fifty pounds. Yes, I can spare the poundage.

Business wise, I will aggressively market my web business, and partner with others on attractive opportunities.  It is kick-off time.

Next, this is a time of prayer. We need to pray for our nation’s leaders whether we like them or not. The world will become less secure, and we need better, stronger leadership than we currently enjoy.

Keep on living and loving. After all, that is the best thing we can do.

Love to all.