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Know When To Walk Away

President Donald Trump

Kenny Rogers gave some good advice in his hit song, “The Gambler”. President Donald Trump risked reputation and political slams from Democrats by meeting with Kim Jong Un, premier of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. If he got a good deal, he would be a hero.  It would be Nobel Prize time for the New York real estate developer. It didn’t happen that way.

Trump went to the negotiating table and wound up walking away. You would think that he would have tried to retreat into the background and wait for this to blow-over, but that’s not his style. The President faced the world in a live press conference almost immediately after the failed negotiations, and answered questions for most of an hour without hesitation, and assisted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Donald Trump is an unusual president in that in solving problems he likes to engage with the primary parties. That’s how he made his fortunes, and that’s how he is governing. To him, personal trust is part of the foundation of making a good deal. Knowing and understanding the person on the other side of a situation is all important. That’s Trump, and he places great value on relationships.

We need to place these negotiations into a different perspective. This is not a normal diplomatic situation. For decades those efforts failed miserably.  Kim wanted to be on the world stage, and he rattled his nuclear missiles for years to make that dream come true .  Now, it is Trump’s job to make the little tyrant give up his nukes, or suffer deathly consequences.

Are we on the brink of a nuclear war? Not necessarily, but we need to make Kim think we are. To do that Trump has to talk tough, and get really mean on economic sanctions. Trump is no cream-puff like Obama.

The Real Boobs of Atlanta

When I arrived home after an evening of general debouchery last night, I was surprised that my wife was not waiting up for me with a gun in her hand, as usual. Instead, she was laughing at an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. There was a Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon showing on TV, and within 5 minutes I was hooked.

When I started paying attention to the dialog, one of the wives was inviting everyone else to a sundown barbecue to get all the wives together. Her goal was to get Nene with Sheree and Kim to kiss and make up. The drama was building.

Well, then came the next episode with Kim and Sheree not coming to the big barbecue. It seems that Sheree was a fashion designer, and she was pitching a huge party the next night, and was having all sorts of problems with the event. She simply didn’t care enough about the barbecue to call and cancel. Bad feelings continued to erupt.

During all these scenes, there is lots and lots of cleavage on display. Kim has a chest that has appeared in a couple of movies, like, “Dumb And Dumber 2”.

Nene started her public life as a stripper, and I am sure she was very popular. Her personal, professional attributes are, as we in the men’s world would say, admirable.

Her professional name was, “Silk”. Silk made lots of money at the pole.

Kim, on the other hand, was having her own troubles, and she had sided with Sheree against the indomitable Nene (aka, Silk). Poor Kim cannot seem to escape the stereotype of a dumb blond, and I am here to tell you she is not stupid. Just how a single mother of three can afford to live in her house, drive her cars, wear her clothes, and spend the money she does is beyond belief, and not stupid at all.

Kim is recently engaged to an Atlanta Falcons football player. Indeed, professional sports money is one of the underlying themes of the ostentatious portrayal of wealth in this reality series.

Two of the Atlanta wives are married to professional athletes, and both are at the ends of their careers due to injuries. The money train is about to come to an end for them.

Now, they face a new reality. Now, they will return to real life, where most people are not megabucks athletes, or rock stars. Unless they have socked away most of those millions that were thrown at them, there’s a new day a-coming.

If worst comes to worst, there will be even more well figured women with rich tastes hanging around looking for a Sugar Daddy. There always are.