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What If Jesus Doesn’t Come Again?

If Jesus doesn’t come again that would mean a broken promise. That would un-hinge the entire Christianity thing. Big problem.

This brilliant subject came to me this morning, and it occurred to me that I had never doubted the scriptures at all. As far as I was concerned, Jesus is coming again. This promise was made about two thousand years ago, but we have not seen our Redeemer since.

So, if we are waiting for the Second Coming and it never happens, just when will we as individual Christians figure it out? Yeah, I know this is some pretty loose philosophical thinking, but it is my thinking.

If Jesus does a no-show, does that mean no eternal life? Does it mean that He doesn’t sit at the right hand of God? What about those pearly gates. Will they still be there? Will St Peter get tired of waiting and go out to a permanent lunch?

Christians take everything on faith. That’s a pretty important concept. Everybody, every day takes much of life on faith, like faith the banking system won’t fail, or faith the old Ford will start once more to get them to work, Some people say they don’t believe in God, but put their faith in science. Science gets an overhaul every few years as new discoveries are made, and old beliefs are trashed. I don’t think it would be smart to put one’s faith in science.

Is the Second Coming  just a ruse to keep little guys like me going to church, giving money, and witnessing my faith to the world? If when year after year Jesus doesn’t come, does this mean that I have fallen for a Jesus trap? Am I like the misbegotten souls who hide away in caves waiting for the end of the world?

When I became a Christian I didn’t do it for insurance on the off-chance that God exists. When you become a Christian, you are in it lock, stock, and barrel. You are in for real. That’s why we believe the second coming will be real, even if it happens long past our lifetimes.

We know what to expect.  That is what our faith demands.

Heaven Is For Real – Book Review

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

 – Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent

Occasionally, a book or story is published about near death experiences (NDE), which are accounts of people who have supposedly been near death, or actually died only to return to the living with stories an afterlife complete with heaven, angles, and God. The stories are encouraging to those who believe in God, and they usually support the things we have read in the Bible or the way we have learned to see heavenly things.

Picture of Book Cover for Heaven Is For Real
The Story Of A Little Boy Who Went To Heaven, And Back!

This book, Heaven Is For Real, was written about a little boy, Colton Burpo, who suffered from a ruptured appendix, and was mis-diagnosed by his local, small town doctors. With poison raging in the childs system for several days, the parents in a desparate move whisked the child off to a metropolitan hospital.

The life of three year old Colton Burpo was touch and go for over a week. His parents were concerned that their little boy would not survive. The father, Todd, is a pastor of a small church, and called upon his church family and friends to pray. After a couple of desperate operations, and much prayer, the child survived the ordeal.

Colton’s story did not end with surviving and living happily ever after. As three year old children are wont to do, little Colton spoke in a fashion children seem to prefer, directly and honestly. The descriptions started issuing forth from the young man about having been held in the lap of Jesus, the presence of Jesus’s Dad (God), and the existence of the Holy Spirit.

Throw in some Angels dressed in white garb with belts of gold, and you start to wonder just how much was in Colton’s out of body trip to heaven, and how much was in his memory banks from his father’s sermons and overheard conversations.

That’s the rub. It is easy for believers to treat the story as real, and equally easy for skeptics to doubt the story.

Todd Burpo, father and pastor, does explain at length that the descriptions were a surprise to him and his wife. In talking with their son over several months, they tried to not lead him in his answers. To Todd’s veracity, there are a few validating things that Colton described.

Colton related an out of body experience when he could see himself on the operating table, along with the doctors and staff working on him. He also said that he saw his father in a small room praying while his mother was talking on a cell phone, simultaneously. Since neither parent had talked about that particular moment, they realized something might be going on.

Later in the book, the child tells Todd that he met Todd’s grandfather in heaven. Now, Colton never saw his great-granddad and Colton did not recognize a picture of the great-granddad in his sixties when shown. Later Colton did recognize a picture taken when great-granddad was in his thirties. The little boy said that there were no old people in heaven, and nobody wore glasses as portayed in the old man’s picture.

I am prone to be skeptical of stories like this, but I do like the story, and have chosen to believe it.

Why do I believe it? You will just have to read it for yourself. You can buy the Kindle edition for about $5.00, and the print edition for a little over $10 on