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The Crimea Is Gone

The Russian incursion into the Crimea is the most alarming event of the twenty-first century. The Crimea is an area of land that juts out into the Black Sea, and used to be Russia’s main southern sea port. The Crimea has been fought over, and conquered dozens of times in the last two thousand years, including the Ottoman Turks, the Russians and later the Soviet Union.

The Crimea is also the subject of a famous poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, “The Charge of The Light Brigade“, a cavalry action in the Battle of  Balaclava in the Crimean War.  The poem immortalizes the disastrous British cavalry charge that was a frontal assault against a Russian artillery battery, a mistake caused by severe miscommunication on the battle field. At that time, the Crimea was ruled by the Ottoman Empire, and the Russians lost that particular war to the  British after having ruled over that area since 1783. The Russians got it back, later, and ruled the Crimea until 1917 at which time Russia morphed into the Soviet Union.

With the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1984, the Crimea became an autonomous district of Ukraine. As of last week, the Russians are back. It looks like they are there to stay.

The Ukraine is willing to fight for the Crimea, but doesn’t have the military muscle to oust the Russians. Europe has no military power to challenge the Russians. The United States does not have the leadership to challenge any threat, much less risk a military encounter with Russia. Our military weakness started with Barack Obama unilaterally withdrawing our defensive missile systems.

To this point, our leadership has made threatening noises to Russia that there will be costs. So, what are these costs, and would the threat of economic costs force the removal of the Russian troops?

Putin knew that our feckless leader, Barack Obama, has no options to force Russia to do anything. The Europeans have no power to face the Russians.

The Crimea is gone from the influence of the West.

Do You Treasure Your Toilet?

There is news this week on the bathroom front. Men and women alike are aghast at the happenings in Venezuela where the socialist government of Caesar Chavez has committed the ultimate socialist faux pas. For a while, now, there has been a shortage of toilet paper in the people’s paradise.

The Venezuelan government has temporarily taken over the factory that produces toilet paper, feminine napkins, and disposable diapers. Oh, how can you survive without these basic necessities.

My niece reported this some time ago when she had to buy toilet paper in Brazil before crossing into Venezuela. Out of respect for her privacy, I never asked what the heck she was doing there, beautiful California woman that she is. In other words shortages of personal, basic necessities in Venezuela are not rare.

In another celebrated occasion in the category of men’s toiletries comes this viral announcement from the Dollar Shave Club. Yes, gentlemen and ladies, there are now butt wipes for men.

Yes, I am a member of No, I have no comments about the efficacy of One Wipe Charlies.

Every Thing Is Normal

Mother Earth is still in her orbit around Sol, and the crickets are still doing their job in the Georgia nighttime symphony. Football season has arrived, and Barack Obama has done the absolutely predictable thing of dodging responsibility for his actions.

I am watching the Georgia football team get whipped by a hot Clemson team and Alabama beat an over-powered Virginia Tech. The really big news in other locales is that President Obama will put the question of Syrian military strikes to the US Congress.

Wow! His stated reason for doing so is because it is a really important decision, and it is important for the US Congress to have their say in the situation, regardless of the fact that Obama has already decided to kill some Syrians whether we have a vital interest in the Syrian situation, or not.

The time to worry about our interests in Syria are long past. Like melons and other fruits of the field, the longer you wait, the more ripe and rotten things get. Obama was not capable of ascertaining our interests in Syria, or who we should support. Now, all options are bad options, and the fool will wind up supporting a bunch of radical Islamist terrorists in the agency of Al Queda, and other terrorist groups. What a loser Barack Obama has turned out to be.

The Syrian revolt has been going on for about three years, and Barack Obama has made the huge mistake of not identifying our goals in that part of the world. Could it be that he thinks we have no legitimate place in the affairs of the Middle-East? That would partially explain his initial ass-kissing tour after his first election.

The news Sunday morning will be, Alabama wins, and Obama flounders.

Iran Is In Big Trouble

According to news reports, Iran’s economy is in shambles and is getting closer to a financial collapse. International sanctions have something to do with their problems, but lower sales of oil is the biggest cause.

Iran relies on imports for fuel and food. For some reason they cannot feed their own people. There has been a world-wide recession for several years, and demand for oil is down. They need foreign currency reserves to feed and clothe their people.

The United Nations has imposed economic sanctions on Iran thinking that those sanctions would slow and eventually halt Iran’s march to build nuclear weapons. It sounds good but that’s not the way the world works.

The sanctions are having an effect on the Iranian people. Fuel is short. Food is expensive. Manufactured items are in short supply because of the sanctions against exporting goods to Iran. The Iranian population is being crushed, but the political leadership and military prosper. The sanctions are hurting the people, not enough to slow down their nuclear program.

Iran is suffering about a 24% annual rate of inflation. Normal, everyday commodities have become luxury items. Even chicken is considered in that category. Plus, Iran’s continued support of the criminal Assad Syrian regime is draining the Iranian treasury. Things are so bad that the Iranian government is using  Revolutionary Guard troops to keep the people from rioting.

In spite of all this bad news, Iran is still making rapid progress towards the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons. This is their goal, and a few million starving people will not get in the way. If you don’t believe a country is capable of starving its citizens, remember Mao Zedong causing up to forty-five million people to die of starvation because of the inability of communism to feed the Chinese people.

The Obama Administration is irrational about the Iranian situation. Obama is wrong-headed, and going in the wrong direction. Many people credit Obama’s Muslim background as influencing him to keep repeating the failed negotiations route that has failed all Presidents from Jimmy Carter to the present. Negotiations have had no results.

The Iranians will have their nuclear program. Sooner than later, nuclear weapons will proliferate around the world to any and every little Mullah that happens to be running a Muslim country. That means terrorism, and that’s what this is all about.

Obama simply doesn’t get it.