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What’s Up With The Pandemic?

What’s up? Nothing good. People continue to get the virus, some of whom show no symptoms. It’s a sneaky little devil, that’s for sure.

President Trump is using the Fed’s epidemiology models to speculate on when the epidemic reaches it’s peak, and that is in two weeks, April 13 – 15, or Easter Weekend. Even if this is true the problem is not over. The really big question is, when will President Trump open the nation for business?

Here’s the problem. If President Trump makes his decision too early, the trend of coronavirus infected people will do an about face and start increasing, again. If President Trump waits too long, our economy will be in a depression that some consider will be worse than the Great Depression of the  early twentieth century. He is in a Catch-22 situation, or as they say, damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

The reality of the situation boils down to this: the President has to make a decision that results in the least overall damage to the population and the economy, and he knows that at some point the economy takes precedence. It’s that simple.

The person you want to make this decision is either a genius, or a really good river-boat type gambler. Geniuses make decision based on hard data. Gamblers make decisions based on their observation of chances to win.

President Trump is a proven winner, he’s smart, and would make a great James Garner-like river-boat gambler. I will go with the President on this one, even though I am in the high-risk group for death-by-virus.

Keep America Great!


iPhone – MyPhone

Who invented the iPhone? If you said Steve Jobs, you would be partially correct. Actually, neither Jobs nor Apple have invented much of anything. Job’s genius was in packaging technology to appeal to an audience of people he understood. He did it with the Apple computer, the McIntosh, the iMac, the iPad, and the iPhone.

There were lots of MP3 music players on the market prior to the iPad, but Apple made it smaller and sexier. The appeal is in the presentation, as any good chef will know. Jobs was an extraordinarily good cook.

The iPhone is basically a wireless communications device, such as that used in Star Trek by the intrepid  Captain Kirk aboard the Starship Enterprise. The writers of Star Trek doubtless got their inspiration from the cartoon, Dick Tracy, whose 2-Way Wrist Radio was the dream of every school age kid in the 1940’s and 1950’s. It was later upgraded to a Wrist-TV in the 1960’s. This kind of sounds like an iPhone, only sexier.

What inventors have done is to follow their dreams. These dreams were spoon fed to these guys by fiction writers in the 60’s and 70’s. These authors got their inspiration from earlier writers. The point is that some ideas have been around for a long time, just waiting for technology to catch up to imagination.

Science fiction has spawned lots of ideas, including a partial list as follows:

  • Artificial joints.
  • Artificial limbs.
  • Artificial hearts.
  • Organ transplants.
  • Space travel.
  • Communications devices.
  • Space based telescopes (The Hubble).
  • Travel to the moon.
  • Travel to the planets.
  • Brain implants.

Brain implants? Yep, they are real and they are here. Well, they are in the labs being developed.

There was a recent television show on one of the cable channels showing the latest achievements in cyber-aids for victims of accidents who had lost their limbs or eyesight. They all involved direct connectons to the human body, and in the case of a sight aid, directly to a blind person’s brain.

Scientists in studying the functioning of the human body and its nervous system are trying to harness current current technologies to augment the human body. We just hope that they can be the kind of imaginative chef Jobs was.


I Want My New Day

As I watched my fifteen year old dachshund, Sam, stumble around in the yard this morning in pain because of his arthritic joints, it struck me that he would not have many days left. The day would soon come when I would have to have him killed. I do not look forward to that day.

That day might be a merciful day for Sam. He can’t see or hear very well, and has to be watched constantly when outside because of his tendency to random sniff/walk into the street. If doggies have an afterlife, he could be happier when that new, painless day comes for him. I am being good to the old hound on the basis that if he beats me to those pearly gates, I don’t want him waiting around to testify against me.

Any way you look at the situation, Sam has a new day coming.

What is a new day for you? Is it like the song, “Our Day Will Come”?

“Our day will come
And we’ll have everything
We’ll share the joy
Falling in love can bring.”

Of course, there are the religious views on new days, and what they herald as in this contemporary Christian song, “There Will Be A Day“.  The message is Biblical, “there will be a day when there are no more tears”. It is a beautiful, comforting message.

There are many “New Day” songs. Witness the incomparable voice of Celine Dion in, “A New Day Has Come“. How about “A Brand New Day” from the Wiz’? All those new day songs speak of freedom, hope, love, and cleansing.

We all want to believe that a new day is coming, and it will be full of good things for us whether it be material riches, or just the love of a person. The expectation of a new day speaks strongly about our faith in the future. Some people live their lives convinced that a new day will be worse than today.

Most of us believe that our new day will make things right, and justify our actions, beliefs, or opinions. That’s OK, and it should not be seen as a selfish thing. It is the natural thought process of a positive person.

I believe there is a problem with some of this new day thinking. If we sit around, waiting for that glorious new day, it will never come. We will not win the lottery. The news media will never report events accurately, and you don’t have a rich aunt from whom you will inherit millions. Well, most of don’t have rich aunts, and most of us will not win a lottery.

Only by acting on our faith can we even begin to expect a newer, brighter day. That day may never come for us, but we may have contributed to our descendants well being.

New days only come to those who work for them. Anything else is just luck, which is another story.