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Frys Extended Warranty – Expensive Mistake

Whenever I buy a laptop computer, I always buy an extended warranty. If you use a laptop from location  to location, the machine will be dropped. That is the biggest risk in owning a laptop, and most business people are willing to pay for a warranty or repair policy that covers for physical damage.

Two and one-half years ago I bought a laptop at Frys with a  three years warranty to protect my investment. I felt good about buying the computer at a local store instead of online.  To get service all I had to do was drive about ten miles to get to the Frys service department.

Recently, an accidental drop smashed a USB drive into one of the USB ports and rendered that port unusable. Frys refuses to do the repair because, “the warranty does not cover physical damage”.

Why would anybody offer a service policy on a laptop computer that does not cover physical and accidental damage? It is really goofy to ignore that need.

My last laptop was a Dell, bought with their manufacturer’s extended warranty, and they repaired various physical problems twice at my office! Dell is famous for this kind of service. HP has a similar “everything” extended warranty.

Dell and HP get it.

Frys doesn’t get it.

When you buy an extended warranty from Frys, you don’t get a policy, you buy a receipt.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I had been paying $40.00 per month for the Clear internet service, and would continue using it if I needed it. My decision to cancel the account came after a couple of months when I did not use the service, at all.

I accessed my account through the web page, and initiated a chat with a Clear customer service agent. He advised me to call the Clear telephone number.

The Clear customer service agent on the telephone asked me all the same questions that the voice menu had asked, put me on hold for a couple minutes, and then asked me what I needed. I answered, “I want to cancel my account”.

CS Agent: Are you having problems with your service, asked the polite, Hispanic lady?
Bob: No. I don’t use the service and I want to cancel.
CS Agent: Why do you want to cancel your service?
bob: I don’t use the service. I want to cancel.
CS Agent: Please hold.

CSAgent:Please excuse the wait. Why do you want to cancel?
Bob: I don’t use the service. I don’t want the service. I cannot afford the service. I want to cancel the service.
CSAgent: Please wait for a couple of minutes and I can help you.

CSAgent: Thank you for waiting. I need to transfer you to another department. Please wait.

NewCSAgent: Hello. May I have the telephone number you are calling from (asked the Hispanic gentleman)?
Bob: Why not. If you don’t have caller ID, you could ask the previous agent. Since you are interested, it is 999-999-0999 (changed, of course).
NewCSAgent: Very well, what is your name?

Bob: My name is the same as on the account, and the same as I gave you previoius agent,. You can call me Bob (plus last name).
NewCSAgent: Very Good, Mr. Bob. What is the city of your birth?
Bob: Gotham City.
NewCSAGent: Very good Mr Bob. What are the last four of your social security number?
Bob: xxxx
NewCSAgent: Very good. How can I help you?
Bob: I called to cancel my Clear account.
NewCSAgent: Are you having trouble with your service?

Bob: As I told your previous agent, I am having no trouble. I want to cancel my service. I haven’t been using it, and I don’t need it.
NewCSAgent: I can definitely help you with that. Are you unhappy with our service?
Bob: I am not unhappy with the wireless service. I am becoming unhappy with Clear customer service not letting me cancel the account.
NewCSAgent: I understand completely, Mr Bob. Please wait for a minute;

NewCSAgent: Thank you for waiting. Is there anything wrong with your service that we can correct to convince you to stay?
Bob: The only thing wrong with Clear is that there is no way to cancel service. Please help me do that.
NewCSAgent: I can definitely help you with that, Mr Bob. Is there anything we can do to keep you as a customer?
Bob: No, Mr Agent. I don’t use the service. I don’t need the service. I cannot afford the service. I have given you three reasons why I am canceling. Do you need more?
NewCSAgent: I understand, completely, Mr Bob. Please wait for a couple of minutes while I proceed with canceling your account.

NewCSAgent: Mr Bob. Thank you for waiting. Before we cancel your service, do you know that you can transfer the account to someone else in the family, or to someone you know?  Wouldn’t that be a good thing?
Bob: I don’t know anyone who wants or needs Clear service. Please cancel my service.

NewCSAgent: We will give you a free month of service while you find someone to transfer your account to. That’s worth $40. Don’t you think that’s a good deal?
Bob: No. That is not a good deal. I am not in the business of selling Clear service. Just cancel the damned account, please.
NewCSAgent: You would give up the free $40?
Bob: I can transfer the account to you, Mr Agent. Don’t you think that’s a good deal?
NewCSAgent: Please wait, Mr Bob.

NewCSAgent: Thank you for waiting, Mr. Bob. Did I tell you about our latest specials?
Bob: I don’t want any specials. I can just have American Express refuse payment, or you can cancel the service.
NewCSAgent: I understand completely, Mr. Bob. Here is you confirmation number. xxxxxxxxxx
Bob: Thank you Mr Agent. I appreciate your help, and your effort in customer retention. You will soon be a manager.

CLICK!  As I hung up the telephone.

I understand the dilemma the customer service agents have. Under no circumstances are they to cancel an account. Their job is to keep customers happy, plus they may have an incentive to keep customers online. They are fighting tooth and nail to keep you paying.

Times are tough.