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Should Convicted Felons Be Allowed To Vote?

Your answer to this question depends on your race, ethnic background, cultural heritage, and whether you got enough sleep last night. Everybody has an opinion

In today’s Washington Post there is a story about the NAACP (National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People) running to the United Nations ( Oh, my!) to squeal on us for some states not allowing felons to vote. Now, the twist is that most states don’t allow felons to vote, but most restore that right after a person has served out their time.

The states that do not restore these rights are Florida, Iowa, Kentucky and Virginia. These states are highly contested battle ground states, and activist organizations like the NAACP know full well that most of the felons in and out of prison in these states can make the difference in this Presidential election if they vote for the Democrat.

Thugs traditionally vote for the Democrat candidate. Strange, isn’t it? The common ground between felons and the Democrat Party is corruption. Think, “Birds of a feather…”, and all that.

OK. The NAACP says the whole thing is racist, but that’s not necessarily so. It just happens that most people in some jails are black, but not because they are black.

There is no evidence of racism to support that thesis. What we have is a statistical correlation, and there is no evidence of racial discrimination that puts these people in their situation. Witness the millions of successful black entrepreneurs, academics, and professionals who are doing well by anyone’s standards.

How did they stay out of jail? We don’t read about their statistics. There are lots of very successful black people in the USA.

Race is seen in almost every facet of life, but that in itself is not racist. We all know it when we see a black person, or a white person, or a person with Asian features. Recognizing these things is not racist. It is natural, and we should rejoice in our differences and likenesses.

The NAACP will see race in everything, therefore everything is racist. That is how they raise money. If your only living is made by going around screaming, “Racism!”, “Racism!”, that is what you will do.

The question was, “Should convicted felons be allowed to vote?” My answer is, no.

However, once a person has paid their debt to society, they should be invited back to live like the rest of us, with a complete set of rights.

The funny thing about this situation is that if the laws were different in those states under discussion, those felons that become ex-convicts would probably not vote, anyway.

Well, maybe they would if somebody paid them. Nah! That could never happen in the Democrat Party.

Do Old Folks Pass More Gas?

Yes, we do. I hate to admit it, but it is true. Some people even get the walking farts as proclaimed by Larry The Cable Guy. Life is not all roses.

A conversation arose in my household as how we treated our children about those little gaseous events. I am a big proponent of MANNERS. My parents were insistent that their children were courteous to others. If you are a advocate of farting in public, you didn’t make the grade. There was something wrong with your upbringing.

The problem comes when you have grandchildren. Suddenly, farting is funny. Yes, our children are working on manners for these little animals. Somehow, it is not as important as it use to be to for the little ones to manage their farts.

One of the impediments of teaching kids to not fart in public is grandparents. You see, we remember the agony of our kids inability to contain their gaseous effluents. It is downright funny, now. It was not funny for kids to let one a loud one go in church, or in school. Other, more lowly born children do those things.

So, you get a blog about farts instead of about the old farts running the country. I better quit, now, before my wife discovers what I have doing online.

Remember, keep your kids in line over the farting issue. Have fun with your grandkids. That’s what life is all about.

Intelligence, Whither Thou Goest?

When I was in High School, I thought that people’s appearance could tell their life’s story. Think about it. High School is so socially stratified that if you aren’t in with the control group, you are not cool. I was just a nerd who had to work at various jobs after school, and I wasn’t cool. Of course, this is tantamount to saying I was stupid. I was only glad to show them otherwise.

Lots of those control kiddies never grew up. They went onto become hippies, lawyers, and school teachers. They set themselves in positions to ruin lots of lives, but mentally they were still in High School.

These are the kids who are now in the climate science alarmist, Chicken Little – “The sky is falling!”crowd, and they couldn’t be more serious. You must believe in their ideas, or you are nothing. Indeed you are denying something which to them is the basic truth in nature, whether they are intelligent enough to look at the science or not.

The Sky Is Falling crowd calls skeptics of extreme climate change, deniers. This is a direct allusion to the deniers of the holocaust, and says more about the alarmist than the climate skeptic.

You see, there is no empirical scientific evidence that the seas will rise a hundred feet in the next one hundred years, or that storms and droughts will become more common place because of global warming. I repeat, their evidence is un-scientific and it makes you wonder how they were duped into believing these ideas.

How were they duped? That’s an easy answer. They duped themselves.

You see, many of those cool High School students weren’t in the intelligent set, anyway. They would buy any story or scenario that they thought they understood, and made them feel wanted. Climate alarmism is tailor made to make sub-standard intellects feel smart. It just works out that way.

Climate Alarmism is one way that the less mentally endowed person can feel cool.

So, when you hear someone call a relatively intelligent person a denier, know that something is wrong with the accuser. Chances are that the accuser is denying reality, and thinks they are back in High School.

You see, I can handel being called a denier. My Jewish friends know better. They know the real me. However, the out of sorts climate alarmist has to depend on an army of like minded people, and it is astounding how shallow those minds really are.

Think, High School, when you hear about climate science.

What’s A President To Do With Impetuous Muslims?

Why, you apologize to them no matter how many US citizens were murdered by those fun-loving Islamic peace-nicks.

Come, now. Barack Obama made his famous apology/suck up tour right after his coronation in 2009. He bowed to every little tin-horn dictator he could find, and he kissed the ring of every Muslim potentate available. Barack did a really good butt kissing tour. He apologized to everybody he could find for real and imagined sins of the United States of America. He even kissed up to the French!

He has not apologized to the American people.

Now, he thinks we should respect his lack of effective foreign policy with malignant Muslim entities. This is not new stuff. We have known for a long time that jihad-i’s, read Al Qaeda, have power all over the Muslim world. We also know that they hate the USA and will do anything to kill or embarrass us.

Kiss-ass friends of the President have just killed four citizens of the United States of America, including the Unites States ambassador to Libya without fear of any retribution, whatsoever.  Well, maybe that isn’t true given Barack’s Chicago-like fascination of murder by Unmanned Arial Vehicles. But, that didn’t stop the jihad-i’s.

Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.“, said a high-flying, newly elected President in his suck up speech in Cairo. Obviously, his Muslim friends didn’t believe him, either. The jihai’s in Cairo made a mockery of his words this week. Barack has been pwnd by his cozy Muslim consorts.

Our President is amazed that jihad-i’s had the wherewithal to coordinate attacks on two embassies on 9/11 in two different countries. I don’t think he even realizes that the attacks were not coincidental. The poor guy is out of his league, and he is our President. We have the unappetizing task of supporting a man who doesn’t have a clue.

Jihadi Muslims Respect Obama

In the early hours of the recent crisis in Egypt the news was confusing and the fog of the press was overwhelming.

The original event was that the United States Embassy in Cairo issued a statement apologizing for somebody’s YouTube video that was negative of that most respected person in world history, Mohammed. Everybody knows you don’t do this. We may have to crack down on free speech in this country to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

The jihadi world, including those considerate freedom fighters in Libya, took mercy our on President’s passive position on this horrible sin, and decided to only kill only a few of the embassy personnel. Thank God that the feckless Barack Obama was on the job.

Of course, one can take a strictly Biblical view of the incidents. The following is from Hosea 8:12 in the Christian Old Testament. The Book of Hosea is one of the books of the Hebrew Bible, but not of Islam,

“They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. The stalk has no head; it will produce no flour. Were it to yield grain, foreigners would swallow it up.”

Well, it is for darned sure we are not producing any flour from this application of world power from this situation. The fruit of our policies is disrespect and dead citizens. Freedom fighters in Libya don’t care a damned if free speech is at risk. It is almost like we are a third world country the way our citizens are murdered for no reason at all. Yeah, we are being considerate of other societies.

We get no respect!

Indeed, we should ask the question, “Would these murders have happened at all if the President of the United States were someone else than Barack Obama?”

Inquiring minds want to know.

The Slavery of Social Justice

Social justice. You hear those words all the time as if they really mean something important.

Hear this. Social justice is just another term for socialism, and somebody’s desire to take what you have and deposit it into their own bank account. There is no other explanation no matter what Wikepedia says.

Wikipedia says, “Social justice is based on the concepts of human rights and equality and involves a greater degree of economic egalitarianism through progressive taxation, income redistribution, or even property redistribution.”

Social justice, like its named parent, socialism, is a depraved and failed concept. It comes from the nineteenth century, and belongs on the trash heap of failed social experiments.

As a matter of fact, the people who espouse social justice are communist lead unions like the teacher’s union in Chicago, and ne’er-do-wells like the Occupy-Whatever crowd. Intelligence is not a hallmark of these people. The teachers average about $76,000 in salaries, and the poor slobs who pay the Chicago teachers average about $44,000 in salaries. On, yeah. That makes lots of sense. Maybe it’s time for a political change in the Windy City, but the corruption may be too great for that to happen.

Today, a certain class of person on the political scene loudly proclaims a need for social justice. They would have you believe that people are being murdered out there, in the name of capitalism. We all know this is bunk, of course, but about 43% of the nation listens to these exaggerations. Those people should know better, but they are blinded by current political leaders.

I have news for all the Occupy folks and other illiterates. The world is not fair, especially if you don’t make a decent effort to contribute. Just because you majored in psychology, sociology, women’s studies, or diversity studies does not guarantee you can find a job wielding your terrific knowledge in these all important areas.

Face it. You chose to study those subjects because you could not handle any of the scientific or other rigorous programs at your university. You took the easy way out, understanding that many of those areas of major studies are only for the inept. You got screwed, and it is your fault. Live with it, or find a way to make yourself useful to society.

The only people to which social justice makes sense are Marxists. We all know what happened to all those Marxist countries. Millions of starved people, murdered people, and destroyed ecologies and economies were the result of social justice.

Social justice is the clarion call of socialism. According to history, socialism is slavery.

Leave Prince Harry Alone!

picture of Prince HarryIt is entertaining for our cousins across the Atlantic to have problems with their ill-informed decision to maintain a royal family.  Sometimes, the royals blow up in their newspapers with ill-conceived statements or actions in public. Prince Harry’s nude escapades in Las Vegas is just one more irritant.

Prince Harry is single and twenty-seven years old. Good grief! How many of us would like to be twenty-something, rich, and good-looking enough to attract a couple of dozen bikini clad beauties for an impromptu party? How many men out there would turn down the chance to have been at that party, making fools of themselves with a bunch of naked women?

If I were that somebody, and you know that I have never been, I would certainly take my clothes off with great rapidity and join in the fun. Now that I am old, it would take a little longer to disrobe. Uhh, I really didn’t mean that, dear…

Prince Harry has special problems. There are several big, stout men that follow him around as part of the royal protection team. Being born into wealth automatically makes you a target for confidence games and gold-digging women. His mother, Princess Diana, was one of the most famous and celebrated women in the history of the United Kingdom. Life as a royal can be complicated.

His biggest problem is that his father, Prince Charles, is the village idiot of the UK. Harry has undoubtedly inherited Prince Charles’ stupid gene, and we are just now seeing how things like this become manifest. The reason Prince Charles was never filmed at a nude party with a dozen or so beauties is that the Prince of Wales is ugly. He has chosen polo as his sport, but in his case it is hard to tell the rider from the horse. I guess the Brits favor that equine look.

Leave Harry alone! Philandering goes with the territory if you are a royal. Plus, what else do we have for entertainment during this election year?

It’s Cool In The Mountains

My brother tells the story of when he was on a US Navy ship stationed in the Phillipines. On a very hot day in Manila Bay, the sun was turning the ship’s steel hull into an oven. A little breeze came up, and a young sailor from south Alabama climbed topside to get some air and observed, “It’s a little cool up here in the mountains, isn’t it?”. Everything is relative.

This weekend I am at this same brother’s house in the East Tennessee mountains, and I can attest that it is a little cool up here in the mountains. It is also beautiful.

Our little trip this week started with a couple of days in the Asheville, NC area. If you haven’t been there, you need to go. Asheville is the artsy capital of western North Carolina, and is most famous for the Biltmore House, a 175,000 square foot, 250 room mansion built by George Washington Vanderbilt in the nineteenth century. The estate is on about 8,000 acres. Today’s rich people have trouble imagining such opulence.

On any night downtown Asheville is hopping with live bands, street corner entertainers, and just plain interesting stuff. It is an island of cultural insanity in a beautiful setting, coexisting with back country mountain traditions. If you have been to New Orleans, this is Asheville on a weekend night.

In stark contrast to the liberal, and loose society that Asheville has become is the religious community. In the Asheville vicinity are some major religious mountain retreats. Ridgecrest, Lake Junalaska, and others are nearby as is the town of Montreat, North Carolina, home of world-famous evangelist Billy Graham and Montreat College, a Christian liberal arts institution.

Next to Montreat is the town of Black Mountain. It is a town of about six thousand people. It has more good restaurants than it has gas stations. Art boutiques and antique stores abound. It us one of those places that is a pleasure to explore. We stayed with some friends in Black Mountain, and recommend its inclusion on everybody’s itinerary.

If you like beer you will love this part of North Carolina. The Asheville area has some great micro-breweries and some really good barbecue like that found at The Twelve Bones Smokehouse in Asheville. One of the best breweries is the Pisgah brewery in Black M0untain. I am adicted to the Blueberry Lager they make there. Not only do chicks love it, but men love it, too.

The sailor from Alabama was right. It is way cool up here in the mountains.

Cornbread Makes Me Happy!

We all have our safe places where we go when the world gets too dangerous. Some people go back to their mother’s house. Some people take refuge in their religion. Some people just check out altogether. After all these years, seeing dead spirits and eruptions, and Democrat presidents, I have finally figured out my area of safety. I love cornbread, and if I am sad or upset just give me some cornbread.

Being a southern boy, I don’t want any sugar or flour in my cornbread. However, I was exiled in Texas for over eight years, and developed a taste for Jalapeno cornbread. Those Texicans have something going, there.

The election season is in progress if you want to call it that. We are in the same financial bind that the country was in back in the Great Depression when the unemployment number was over twenty percent. Today, that number is almost twenty percent. Hello? Do you wonder why I am doing my great escape to cornbread?

The future is in grave danger of going down the drain. Those who run the federal government have no clue what’s happening. Those running the federal government are only concerned with getting to run the nation another four years. The nation is in sad shape.

Buck up! There is good news at your grocery store. On the shelves of every grocery is a small section where cornbread mix is available in two-pound sacks. Just dump a cupful of the stuff into a mixing bow, add an egg, a cup or so of buttermilk, but leave the oil out of it. Follow instruction on preheating the skillet you use, and you will wind up with good cornbread.

Just grab a piece of this cornbread, and you too, can forget the incompetence of our politicians. Eat some hot buttered cornbread, and you will think you are in heaven.  Looking for a late night snack? Cornbread and butter milk is just the thing. You won’t need Prosac anymore.

The next several months will be difficult for intelligent people. Democrats never understand anything, anyway, but my Republican friends are subject to feeling bad when trying to sort through the lies of the current President. There are so many.

If our ancestors can prosper on a diet of cornbread and country cooking, so can I. Take a cue from the real American pioneers. Cornbread is for what ails you.

65% Of Democrats Favor Gay Marriage

From Pew Research:

Percentage of populations favoring gay marriage:

Democrats – 65% (2008 – 50%)

Independents – 51% (2008 – 44%)

Republicans – 24% (2008 – 19%)

The referenced Pew research polls show that favorability of gay marriage has increased substantially over the last four years (2008 to 2012).

The gap between Republicans and Democrats has widened, and so has the gap between Republicans and Independents. Politically, this would suggest that the Republicans suppress talk about gay marriage during the election, but I doubt that will happen.

One speculation in the Pew article is that the reason for the increased tolerance of gay marriage may have to do with a more tolerant attitude toward homosexuality in general. This has apparently taken place over a long period of time, and not just in the last four years.

My purpose for publishing this information is not to get the same old arguments going about gay vs straight, but to ask the question, “Should Republicans make a big deal of the Democrats new policy of advocating gay marriage in the Presidential election?”

What do you think?