Mayor Pete – The Next Democrat Presidential Nominee?

South Bend Indiana Mayor, Pete Buttigieg has entered the race for the Democrat Presidential nomination for the 2020 elections. His name recognition has gone from about zero to great in just a couple of weeks. How did he do it?

Mayor Pete’s only claim to fame is that he is gay. Nobody cares, anymore, if you are gay or living with a same sex partner. Gay is very common.

To get attention, he picked a fight with Vice President Pence over religion.  Pence has never said anything derogatory about Buttigieg, but that doesn’t keep Pete from showing his true Democrat colors. He lied.

That’s a true blue Democrat. When you have nothing to say, tell a lie. Throwing mud at Pence got Buttigieg off to a fast start, and now he is the darling of the Democrat Party. The field of Democrat contestants is mediocre. Mayor Pete has charisma, a magnetic charm that we saw in JFK, and Barack Obama. The only strike against him is that he is white, irrational as that may be.

Charisma is what makes Buttigieg dangerous. He seems to have some common sense, but I will not bet our country on that idea. At the core, I believe Buttigieg is no better than any of the haters in the Democrat Party.

Pete Buttigieg is a hater. His unwarranted and false accusations made against the Vice President presage that fact. He will be a hater with the best, so watch out. Mayor Pete has a great chance of being the next presidential nominee.

What do you think?




4 thoughts on “Mayor Pete – The Next Democrat Presidential Nominee?”

  1. It’s going to be a fun primary. Right now, the Dems are trying to figure out how to get rid of Biden and Sanders. If they can do that they will go after the rest of the white candidates.

  2. I have a few thoughts but I’ll limit them here. 1. Buttigieg is an arrogant little shit and not very bright. 2. Every Democrat running for President has already violated his or her solemn oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution. 3. If you love your country, why would you vote for anyone like that?

  3. Mustang: As I say in the article, I think Buttigieg is very intelligent. Whether he has common sense is another question. His education suggests that he is smart. He knew he had to break into the race with a splash, and that’s why he picked a fight with Pence, whether there was any truth to his statements or not. He is most likely amoral, as befits pretty much all Democrats in the race. My problem with the Democrat candidate field is that I don’t see anyone worth a crap, and certainly none I would vote for if I were a Democrat. For some reason, Biden and Sanders lead in the polls, but I am thinking that neither will survive to get the nomination. Sanders stands a better chance because he has the most energetic base. Everybody knows about Biden’s sleaze factor. If Buttigieg can make it through a couple of rounds of debates, continuing to gain in the polls and financial backing, he may have a chance. I cannot conceive of any of the Senators running (except Sanders) making it all the way. That’s why I think a younger person who can lie real good is the Dems best choice against Trump.

    As always, thanks for your comment.

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