Life – Creation – DNA

How did life begin?

I don’t know what your favorite story is about the creation. From what I have been reading, the most popular hypotheses are listed below.

A) Creationist Accounts (6 thousand year old earth)

B) Primordial Soup (some sort of random march of subatomic particles and forces banging around until lightening strikes the proverbial primordial soup, then magic takes over)

C) Intelligent Design (old earth, but life caused by intelligent designs)

Creationist views take a Biblical version of creation and force it into a six thousand year time-line. In other words Creationists say the earth is only six thousand years old and the actual act of creation is as outlined in the two stories in Genesis taken verbatim. On day one, God created the heavens and the earth. On the second day, God said, “Let there be light.”  God spoke the world and life into existence in exactly seven days.

I have always viewed the Genesis 1:1 account as beautiful poetry. Poets take license to describe events and thoughts in ways that are not always literal. Also, whoever started the Genesis stories could only relate creation in terms contemporary people could understand.

In my opinion the writers of Genesis did not intend for the creation stories to be taken literally. Because of that, I have no problem with an earth that is billions of years old, nor do I have a problem with some form of evolution. Even at that, God is the Creator.

The Primordial Soup hypothesis claims some sort of scientific evidence that life was not created by a higher Intelligence or Being. Instead, evolutionary forces through millions and millions of years managed to crash together the perfect combination of molecules in some sort of soupy ocean, maybe being struck by a gigantic bolt of lightening. Then MAGIC happens and we not only have a single-cell hunk of life, but it comes complete with all the rights and privileges appertaining there-unto, and a complete kit of DNA.

Wow! That’s one big story. The funny thing is that to accept this hypothesis you have to believe in the power of random, whatever that is. In the world of mathematics and our physical world, random means that the cause is uncertain. All this means is that there is nothing scientific about chance beginnings of life.

If you believe in a universe where everything has a cause, primordial soup has no meaning for you.

Intelligent Design is not Creationism or Primordial Soup. Indeed, there is no problem with Intelligent Design recognizing an earth that is over three billion years old. There is no problem in recognizing the processes of evolution. God still is the cause of life itself. The Intelligent Designer.

There is no contradiction between the scientific world and God as creator in Intelligent Design. We know that the earth is billions of years old, and we have physical evidence of evolution, although there is a good bit of disagreement on this evidence and what it means.

I have an Audible Book titled, Signature In The Cell by Stephen C Meyer. The author has tied together the scientific physical evidence world and Intelligent Design. Information theory plays a big part in the realization of this hypothesis. Most people have no idea of information theory and its place in the modern world. It is very mathematical and all of our modern communications system are built on this theory.

The really big deal is DNA. How in the world did DNA come about? Random combinations could never create all the proteins that DNA uses to give meaning and form to life.

This is where information theory comes in.

DNA is information, and is in digital form. The information contained in our DNA would fill a four megabyte memory stick with digital data. That’s a LOT of data. It took decades for scientists to break the DNA code. Now we know that our genetic make-up is housed in our DNA data. It is all we are, or ever could be.

Who put the information into our DNA? It is not noise, nor is it some fake random stuff. DNA is functional, intelligent information.

Therein is the point of Intelligent Design. Simply put, our entire make-up has been delivered to our cells in the form of intelligent instructions, and that intelligence is God.

What do you believe?


6 thoughts on “Life – Creation – DNA”

  1. Definitely Design, for many of the reasons you explain. I’ve taken it by faith for years, but Behe really put the lie to the soup.
    there’s a local radio guy, Bob Dutko who is extremely knowledgeable. Will debate anyone.
    He convinces me of young earth every time I hear him.
    But my salvation does not hinge on it, so I’m open.

  2. Ed:

    Like most people I have been thinking about this stuff all my life, from my Southern Baptist upbringing, to my Methodist present. To me there is little to be gained from arguing about the existence of God. All we can do is to state our beliefs, and let others come to their own conclusions. After all, my beliefs are by faith.

    One of the really pet peeves for me is the argument that because science cannot prove the Deity, that the Deity doesn’t exist. Those fools have no clue what science is or is not. One thing it cannot do is prove God, nor can it logically prove that science exists. Science in not a physical object, but a system of ideas we use to describe the PHYSICAL universe. It is not a physical object, meaning that you cannot touch it, smell it, or see it. God is metaphysical, and all the science in the world cannot gauge the existence of God.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I would love to hear this Dutko person. I will look him up.

    EDIT: Thanks for the mention of Dr Behe. I had never heard of him before, but found a YouTube interview. Also, I found Dutko on YouTube, but little of his stuff is available without paying some bucks.

  3. I personally believe that there is plenty of room for both science and theology. I’ve never understood the argument that it has to be either one thing, or the other. After all, if you believe in God, then you have to know that there would be no science without Him. I found an excellent video several years ago, one that I’ve watched several times. You can find it at YouTube, if interested: The Privileged Planet (

  4. Mustang: Thanks for the comment and video link. I watched it and feel as you about the arguments between science and theology. I remember having dinner with a young couple one evening, and the husband piped up with the comment that the Church would be in real trouble if space aliens were found to be real. I volunteered that I wouldn’t have a problem because there was no conflict in that idea with my beliefs. I subscribe to the idea that if there were such a thing as space aliens, we would already know, or have seen them. I am OK with being alone in the Universe, or in a crowded Universe.

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