Source of Educated Idiots

Many of us have wondered for years how all those idiots in Congress graduated the Ivy League universities on their resumes. You read about Hollywood figures’ idiotic and uneducated opinions who went to Ivy League schools. How does this happen?

Come on, folks. All our lives we have known that wealthy people have not only a leg up in life, but their families make sure their children are part of top tier educational networking groups. They keep it in the family.

The Kennedy’s, with the exception of Teddy, went to Harvard. Al Gore went to Yale, with his roommate being Tommy Lee Jones. The Bushes went to Yale. Not all of these people were idiots, but some stress the boundaries.

I am sure that a lot of the children of the rich and famous are intelligent in their own right. However, it is the Al Gore’s of the world that give education a bad name. Gore’s major talent is using his contacts to make money while he moralizes his way to the bank. His ideas are off the scale with respect to stupidity.

The nation is now in the beginning of the biggest education scandal in history.  Wealthy people have been caught buying their kids higher SAT scores to get them into tier one colleges. For every bogus student like this, a hard working, smart and talented kid is denied access to the educational promised land.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a cum laude (with honors) graduate of Boston University. BU is not exactly a top tier institution, but something similar is going on when someone of AOC’s intellectual shortcomings are cum laude graduates. So many universities have become politically correct baby-sitting operations.

The much vaunted liberal arts degree is no more.  In many schools grades are not given, and kids don’t fail. This is primarily in the humanities. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the poster child for this historical fault in our educational system.

So, there it is. If you are rich enough, or have the right connections, you can get your kid accepted into a top tier institution. If you kid is a dummy that is not problem. Nobody fails once accepted into the college club. Your kid is home free.

Now I understand where all  those idiot celebrities and politicians come from.

2 thoughts on “Source of Educated Idiots”

  1. My roommate at University of Michigan was Charles J. Rothschild III.
    By roommate, I mean he let me sleep on the floor of his room so I wouldn’t have to commute everyday.
    You can guess who his dad was, or even his granddad, by his name.
    Charlie worked summers in NYC to put himself through school.
    When I was forced to drop out due to financial constraints, Charlie talked to his dad and his dad offered to lend me the money to stay in.
    I couldn’t bring myself to take it.
    They’re not all jerks.

  2. That’s a great story, and I should not have branded everyone rich as stupid. Intelligence is genetic for the most part, and many of those rich kids are smart enough to make the grade. On the other hand, there are lots of others who either can’t or don’t work at it.

    I admire your sense of pride, and your decision may have been mine. Luck was with me because I had a job as a radio station engineer. In high school I got my Amateur Radio license, and also my Commercial Radio Operators license to qualify me as a broadcast station technician. I worked 40 hours per week on the graveyard shift at WMC in Memphis (AM/FM/TV) while getting my engineering degree at Memphis State University. I was very fortunate in having a university with an engineering program in my home town.

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