Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez And Climate Change

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Best Picture I Could Find For Ocasio-Cortez

We all know what an infantile mind AOC has, but we still have to process the babble that comes from her mouth. Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that there is a consensus of scientists that predict that the future climate will be tough on kids. This is wrong on several levels.

The Dems and liberals say that 97% of scientists support some sort of consensus about global warming. First, nobody has a list of these so-called scientists, and the studies that make that claim are pretty rotten in their methods, just self-serving publications for social scientists that cannot get a real paper published.  Second, nobody knows exactly what that consensus would say if there were one.

When you hear someone ask if you believe in climate change, just ask “what part?”. They are then left speechless with no response. Climate change effects can be in several categories, like more tornadoes. more hurricanes, more and serious droughts. more wild fires. There is no scientific data showing that any of these things are real now, or ever will be. Sure, some ice will melt in the next few centuries, but all forecasts are that it will take possibly thousands of years for all of the Greenland ice pack to melt, and a very long time for the Antarctic ice to melt. In Antarctica there are volcanos under the ice melting from that level, but CO2 has little or no effect on that continent’s warming. For the most part it’s not warming at all.

Why do Democrats rant and scream about so-called Climate Change? Simple. This is the latest crisis they can find with grain of truth that they can exploit to suck money out of the American people. Most of climate change dogma is dog crap.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez believes all this stuff. This woman has a BA in international affairs and economics from Boston University. Oh, the terrible embarrassment BU must be undergoing with this little jewel flashing her ignorance around the world.

She has a sterling resume, but that just reminds me of the prophetic film, Forest Gump. Stupid is as stupid does.


6 thoughts on “Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez And Climate Change”

  1. I think the left must bank on the fact that most Americans do not know history, human or otherwise. Those of us who do know history (or at least some of it) offer a clear and present danger to the left because we can defeat their consistently inane arguments. The history of earth is a history of climate change. We used to have massive glaciers, now we don’t. We all know that the winter of 1777-1778 was particularly cruel to the Continental Army. Insufficient clothing, not enough food … those men and women suffered horribly. The reason for that was the existence of a “mini-Ice Age.” Short growing season caused starvation, extreme cold froze men to death in their sleep. One of the more amusing arguments on the left is that particularly cold winter is a sign of global warming. AO-C is nothing if not a very useful idiot but I’m beginning to suspect that the left has overplayed its hand. Most folks take a gander at AO-C and shake their heads in wonderment.

  2. Sometimes I wonder why the left even bothers to argue their points, but I usually forget that they have little or no knowledge of world history. Or, they are just malicious. I feel like the college professor who discovers that his freshman English class has no clue about nouns, verbs, subjects, and predicates.

  3. Bob, I can’t post at Angel’s…always tells me ‘Sorry…you’re SPAM here’…ah, well.

    So THEME is the appearance of someone’s blog, is that it? Yours looks great and I’m so glad you’re posting again! Agree with everything you and Mustang so wisely said! XX

  4. Thanks, Z. I commented at Angel’s site and had no problem. The theme she is using is a lot different from the old one of several years ago. I kinda lost track of things for a while.

    BTW, your blog is the first personal blog I go to everyday. First, I will go to Hot Air and Powerline for news, and then usually to Instapundit. After that, I enjoy your post and all the comments. Bocopro is pretty much always entertaining, and Mustang and Kid get their licks in too. I know I am leaving out Mal, Bunker, AOW and a bunch of others but you seem to have accumulated some pretty good folks.

    Good luck, and thanks for dropping by.

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