Only Fools Believe In Science


Science does not exist as an object in the physical world. In other words you cannot pick up a piece of science and play with it. You can’t go to a store and buy a pound of science. You can’t eat that stuff, either.

Science is a group of IDEAS! Ideas are not physical, even though they can be contained in a book. Science is a metaphysical tool we use to describe the physical world. These ideas are used to fashion experiments, and collect the resulting data with a validated or invalidated hypothesis being noted. A creature called science was never born. We wind up with just an idea and hopefully some new information on how the world works.

Based on the non-physical description of science, it goes further that since the origination of the scientific method (system of ideas), the knowledge resulting from scientific experimentation CHANGES on a regular basis. That which we thought was true will many times abruptly change.

We don’t bleed people anymore in barber shops. We know that ulcers are usually caused by bacteria, not diet. Who knows how good or bad coffee is for ones health (so many studies). The list of scientific failures is very long, and gets longer everyday.

We now know that many if not most of scientific studies in medicine are either false, or not meaningful.  Check this : Dr John Ioannidis.

So, why do people rely so much on “science” when the results are likely to change? My opinion is that scientists have become so proficient in promulgating their stories to get grant money that they are automatically believed. Follow the money.

Many people say they believe in science, and not God. Are you glad you worship something that is likely to change? 

6 thoughts on “Only Fools Believe In Science”

  1. BTW, that was a great and thoughtful post.
    I was watching Tucker last night, and something was said about LGBTMSMNBC and that now you can’t challenge anything they say, and I thought “just like Climate Change”.
    Settled Science.
    It’s a way to shut you up.

  2. Ed, I thought of that, too, as I read Bob’s excellent piece. Climate Change, which THE MEDIA says is settled, as if NO excellent scientists disagree with much of the ‘facts’ the pro-change people discuss…scary.
    I loved the line recently when so many inches of snow hit the East..”they’re measuring climate change now by the inch” 🙂

    Great piece, Bob…..I’m glad I worship something/someone who NEVER CHANGES!

  3. Z: I love it. Climate measured by the inch! Thanks for the comment.

    I have been very busy, lately, doing precisely nothing. Well, I have been going to a shooting range, but more on that, later.

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