It’s Not Over

picture of Barack Obama signing legislation
Big O Signs Executive Orders

It’s the day after Christmas and I awoke with a bit of a hang-over, not so much caused by alcoholic beverages of which I did imbibe, but hung-over with the continuing efforts of one Barack H Obama to cement some sort of legacy for his abysmal Presidential administration. Piled on top of executive order after executive order, he has thrown our best ally under the bus, and tried to make drilling for oil on certain federal lands permanently impossible.

Many say that this is strictly ideological, and that Obama is so attuned to the ideals of the environmental crazies that he has to do this. Horse feathers!

It is hubris.

From his very beginnings everything has been all about self. If you listen to his speeches, or addresses at his press conferences, almost every other sentence leads off with a first-person singular pronoun, I. Pretty soon you have to turn-off the TV or vomit.  His dedication to self and legacy is legend.

There is almost a whole month before Donald Trump’s inauguration. What will Snake Obama do to screw things up for the incoming administration, and the nation?

It’s not over.

5 thoughts on “It’s Not Over”

  1. The dems most definitely try to sabotage the country when going out as a standard practice.

    Well, he’s not going to get anything through Congress I don’t think, so there should just some more executive orders for Mr Trump to throw on the fire.

  2. Pardon the clintons? That’d sure be toxic wouldn’t it? and especially when they haven’t been convicted of anything. Ford pardoning Nixon brought us Carter. obama pardoning the clintons could propel us into a new era of conservative leadership that would melt the libtard movement like water thrown on the witch. Wouldn’t that be nice.

  3. Good question….If I hear Trump say ONE MORE TIME what a great partner Obama’s been in this transition, I’ll have a hangover tomorrow 😉
    I hear the Clintons wouldn’t take a pardon if he gave them one because it would mean they concede to guilt…I think their egos would rather go to prison or be subject to insult than admit the truth about their revoltingly greedy selves!
    I hope you’re feeling better by now, Bob! 🙂

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