Trump – Damned Either Way

President Elect Donald Trump
President Elect Donald Trump

We just THOUGHT Donald Trump was living the American Dream.

President Elect Donald Trump may be forced to sell his businesses, or resign the Presidency to avoid daily accusations of conflicts of interest relating to his far-flung, and profitable ventures. Not only will most international issues impinge on his wealth, but almost any domestic issue like business taxes, or real estate law will be viewed as a conflict.

He is damned no matter what direction he takes. For example, having his children run his businesses does not sever his personal relationships with those entities. It is difficult to envision any situation involving Trump and his family that would not have a business component. Everything he does will be an automatic conflict of interest.

In one of the most ironic elections in history a very wealthy man has won the Presidency of The United States. Damned whatever he does, Donald Trump will now take us into history as a victim of his own hard work and genius.

What a country!


11 thoughts on “Trump – Damned Either Way”

  1. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    But hasn’t almost every president been in such a conflict of interest with money making and decision making? Trump is just a little more obvious.

  2. Ed: I don’t know of any regulation that he divest. The problem is that the liberals will take every issue that crosses his desk and scream “conflict of interest!” They are already making those noises.

    Kid: Yeah. Trump is more obvious, but that makes the liberal plans more obvious, too. The talking heads are already talking about it.

  3. The libs are going to explore every avenue from a negative Trump POV. I plan to ignore each and every one of them with glee. 🙂

  4. Bob, this is a real concern…there are issues, that’s for sure. For instance, he can’t have Ivanka sitting in with the Japanese prime minister if she’s a bigwig at Trump….that’s got to stop.
    I agree…here’s a guy who made it and he’ll be punished for it. I suppose it all boils down to trust; would Trump pad his pockets at our expense? I truly doubt it. Will the lib media agree with me? NOT ON YOUR LIFE.
    I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving xxx

  5. Kid: So, how will he exit his businesses? Turning them over to the kids does not remove them from his influence, and the possibility that his decisions will not profit he or his family. Guess we will have to wait and see.

    Z: This Pres is going to give us a REAL RIDE! Buckle up, and hang on!

  6. True, his kids will ask him for advice no doubt, but he won’t be flying off somewhere to one of his golf courses to MC a tournament or something.

  7. I had an epiphany this morning. Instead of separating his office from his businesses, maybe he could give coupons for a round of golf to everyone that pays their taxes. Great idea, huh?

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