Sustainability Does Not Exist

Oh, boy. Now I can sit back and wait for the Bangs, Whistles, Whammos, Biffs, and Bongs that the environmental and climate change anointed will be throwing at me. Notice the use of onomatopoeia in the previous sentence. But, I digress.

As I was cruising around the blogosphere, I made my regular stop at Watts Up With That, the most popular scientific website in existence. I found an article titled, “UNESCO: We Must Redesign Global Literacy Programmes to Incorporate our Climate Propaganda“.

The article is about a UNESCO worldwide literacy proposal, “International Literacy Day, devoted this year to the connection between literacy and sustainable development, provides us with an opportunity to remember a simple truth: literacy not only changes lives, it saves them.

OK. I will buy that literacy helps save the lives of ignorant people the world over, but what does sustainable development have to do with that? Perhaps Wikipedia can help.

Sustainability:  “In ecology, sustainability (from sustain and ability) is the property of biological systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely.”

Now that everyone has had a chance to see the definition of sustainability, I have to point out that nothing is forever. The context of the word, indefinitely means “without ending”. Wow, mom and dad. They have found infinity.


Do you suppose that our ecologists really think that infinity exists? Their definition of sustainable ecologies makes you wonder if any have ever been to high school, much less college.

This article is all about trying to find a connection between literacy and sustainability. It appears that there is none. A bunch of PhD’s probably originated this fallacy, but it’s not hard to prove that they are either completely wrong, or are trying to perpetuate a scam on the American people.

Nothing is sustainable. Period. Every physical system takes energy, work, supplies, water, effort to continue to exist, etc. An infinitely sustainable system, by definition, is impossible.

How about short-term sustainability? This is what we work for everyday, and we apply all our energy into surviving, or sustaining life for another minute, hour, day…

That, my good friends, is sustainability, but the goal of the ecologists is for some sort of stasis, or death, because nothing is sustainable by their definition. As improbable as it seems, death is exactly what the extreme ecologists advocate. Mankind, according to them, is bad and does not deserve the resources necessary to survive and prosper on the planet. Kill, baby, kill the bad human.

Dr John Holdren, his colleagues and coauthors, Drs Paul and Ann Ehrlich, and a large contingent of ecologists believe that planet Earth is better served by decreasing the human population. In educated circles this idea is called genocide. John Holdren is the personal science advisor to President Barack Obama. Now you know where Obama gets his infantile ideas on environment.

There is no reality about ecological sustainability. There is no connection between ecological sustainability and literacy, unless by becoming literate you can judge this ecological scam accurately. That’s the only connection. Smart people don’t believe ecological sustainability exists.

The idea of sustainability is political, not scientific. The UN, a rogue political body, wants to indoctrinate children with this fallacious idea.


17 thoughts on “Sustainability Does Not Exist”

  1. Population control Yep, the sociopath libtards love this stuff. They don’t give a * about anyone else, they are only worried about their own habitat, the idea that someday They might be inconvenienced. (George Carlin-Endangered Species/youtube)
    Yes, they are willing to kill billions of people just so they won’t be inconvenienced.

    Climate Change. Good God, they are already finding numerous ways to eliminate excess CO2 as if that was or even a problem anyway. Technology is exponential now. And somehow people think a simple problem like this if was even real couldn’t be solved in the next 100 years? These same idiots think we can “terraform Mars” Yea, no limit to human stupidity or hypocrisy..

    The chick who was head of the IPCC has already publicly stated that global warming’ was always an economic agenda and a way to kill capitalism within the next 150 years. I’ll get you a link if you want one.

    Anyway, the main thought I had reading your most excellent commentary on current events was that it is not hard at all now to push any agenda you want on to the population because the vast majority have been rendered so stupid from jimmah carter’s federal education bulldozer, that all you have to do is talk to people like they are about 3 years old. How easy is that.

    People ! The republicans want to kill all the cute fluffy kittens ! We can’t let that happen !. Boom you’re almost there.

  2. This just can’t be happening..we are officially insane (how many times have I said THAT in the last few years!?)
    Don’t know much about CLimate Change, except it sure hasn’t rained in LA in too long a time! And I know my husband thought the Climate Change purveyors were also insane!

  3. Z, Even if it is happening. (I read an article that said the last ice age is finally coming to an end after a couple million years. Technically, ise at the poles means you are still in an ice age) So What? Adapt! Like we can control the Earth’s environment? I don’t believe we can. We had the Dust Bowl in middle America long before anyone was puffing out CO2 from an industrial age. This is Earth’s Cycles. What seems extreme to us doesn’t even move the needle on Earth’s history.

    Let’s Embrace the change. Plus Earth is a self-correcting system. If it wasn’t we would not be here after 4 billion years.
    We all need to chill – and of course send all libtards to Mars so they can terraform their new paradise.

  4. Kid: I agree 100%. This article is just a rant on my part to point out the silly things that are going on with our government and the liberal people who are running it right now. Climate change was never about science or any danger to the planet. It is all about ideology and the money.

  5. Z: From an historical point of view (Billions and Billions of years), earth’s climate is always changing. The liberals have chosen a marketing term that is true no matter what happens. No intelligent person would do that, but crooked people would and stupid people believe them. As far as the California droughts go, what can I say but I am sorry. I am sorry that so many people are being inconvenienced and will be inconvenienced. The great southwest of the continental United States is and pretty much always has been a desert. If you were to look at drought history charts kept by NOAA, the government’s weather and climate bureau, there seems to be no trend in droughts over the long run. In other words California has seen droughts like this long before the present. Nobody remembers because the water was not running out. Now, there are a lot more people in the west using water, and not enough precipitation to replace it. I don’t know what the solution could be. It seems like there ought to be some way to get some of that water up on Canada to the desert southwest.

  6. Bob – Very nice rant.

    Water in California. From my perspective Mulholland brought lots os water to LA via the Colorado River. Early 1900’s. How many people have migrated there versus how much has been done to supplement the water resiviors of California? No where near matching the migration and increase in water requirements. Ther result we can see. California and Phoenix have about drained Lake Mead and Lake Powell.

    Honestly, the Phoenicians were smarter than this with water management.

  7. Kid: Don’t forget the poor Delta Smelt, a worthless little fish being protected at the expense of driving lots of farmers out of business. We all dream about having the power to end silly instances of ecological terrorism like this.

  8. I’ll admit I don’t know if they wanted the farmers out of business or the welfare of the smelt. If I had to bet $5, I’d say they wanted the farmers out of business. Same with a big contruction project near San Antonio and some cave spiders.

  9. Oh yea, had a friend who lived there and unfortunately passed on recently. I’ll bet this goes on all over really. It gotta be SOP.

  10. Kid: Well said. I haven’t thought of that, before. It tells the story of all the billions spent in the stimulus program. Most went to politicians and construction companies friendly to Democrats who got kickbacks.

  11. One probably final thought. Isn’t the climate change thing just the perfect scam? It can’t be proven except through the scientific method, which ‘scientists’ have apparently discarded because it fails miserably unless you inject a lot of false data. But more importantly, it cannot be dis-proven. Combine that with the fact that few people are really in favor of change of any kind and you got yourself a winner.

  12. Kid: Very perceptive. The term, climate change, is just a marketing word so people will think that temps going, temps going down, no storms, lots of storms, and all that can be blamed on “climate change”. It is a genius marketing term. But, you are right. There is very little to no science supporting their positions. That’s why liberals will not discuss the science of the situation, but instead call us deniers and make ad hominem attacks. That’s all they can do, but this is a political fight and science has nothing to do with it. I think you have a future as a climate change scientist. Got any crackerjacks boxes? You might find a climate change degree in one of those.

  13. Bob, Thanks and I have tell you – my wife often has the weather channel on in the morning hours on weekends in particular and I can’t tell you how often the experts are talking about some weather related thing and say that they really don’t know what causes .. or this weather effect is a mystery, or many variations on this ‘we don’t know’ theme. Yet, they are 100% sure what’s going to be happening 100 years from now. Man….

    Not to mention we have yet to hear a reasonable comprehensive plan to avoid disaster 🙂 It is a never ending series of climate summits, with developing countries like China polluting as much as they possible can. It would be hiolarious if it was funny.

  14. Kid: “we have yet to hear a reasonable comprehensive plan to avoid disaster ” Yep! The plan we hear is that the government will take care of the problem with the carbon taxes they collect. Nobody has yet shown that there will ever be a catastrophe caused by carbon dioxide, the most important plant food on the face of the earth.

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