It Takes A Leader!

Donald Trump, World Class Negotiator, and Presidential Candidate
Donald Trump, World Class Negotiator, and Presidential Candidate

We have seen the Donald in action.

The man actually went into the mouth of the lion to consult, or confront the President of Mexico, Pena Nieto. The result was two men, leaders, meeting each other and deciding to discuss problems rather than bitch about how unfair the world is treating their countries. Nieto held his ground, and so did Trump. However, there was common ground and agreement on things they could work on together if Trump becomes President, and that is what won the day, cooperative agreements.

This is what leadership is all about.

In Trump’s speech he outlined a ten point immigration policy that reinforced what he has been saying for the last several months. There will be no amnesty, criminals will be deported, the wall will be built, and other items central to his immigration agenda. To cement the importance of immigration control, he presented a group of “Angel Mothers”, people who had lost children to illegal aliens who had dodged deportation on multiple occasions. Murder is murder, and these murders could been avoided if the immigration laws had been enforced.

Donald Trump’s speech lasted for over an hour. It was detailed, and delivered with emotion, and sources for each and every statistic announced. You can attack his sources, but you cannot attack his passion and sincerity.

Hillary has a problem. You see, Hillary was invited to talk to President Nieto, also. Hillary no-showed and Trump was there prepared for business. This says a lot about Hillary. She is probably in no condition to travel and negotiate with world leaders about anything, especially given her record of weakness in negotiating situations.

Hillary is not capable of handling the myriad of problems and relationships that is required of the President of The United States of America. Period!

Donald Trump has demonstrated the acuity and ability to address problems across a spectrum of interests, including immigration, foreign relations, the economy, and other macro-interests of our country. Hillary cannot be relied on to get out of bed.

Donald Trump is a leader, something we have not seen on the Presidential landscape since G W Bush. Trump brings a wealth of top level experience, and is capable of bringing to fruition his vision of America.

Hillary Clinton is only in the game for the checks written to the Clinton foundation. The woman is not capable of handling the affairs of our nation.

17 thoughts on “It Takes A Leader!”

  1. I disagree, from a distinct foreign policy aspect, based on Trump’s own statements: “I know more about ISIS than the generals do. Believe me.”; “They [the military] won’t refuse. They’re not gonna refuse me. Believe me.”, and “I’m a leader, I’ve always been a leader. I’ve never had any problem leading people. If I say do it, they’re going to do it.”.

    As a graduate of multiple leadership schools, I can tell you……this isn’t leadership.

  2. CI: I certainly respect your opinion, but you don’t have to go to leadership school to be a leader. In spite of his sometimes contradictory statements, Trump is a leader. He has a following, and that pretty well defines the situation.

  3. Of course one doesn’t have to go to leadership school to be a leader, but said school and follow-on practice does give keen insights. Those statements weren’t contradictory, they were authoritarian, and indefensible. They are the textbook definition of what leadership isn’t. Sure, one who simply has a following can be technically considered a leader…..not really the qualities I’m looking for though….

  4. CI: Understood. I think you really resent Trump, and I may, also, but I still think he is a leader of note. I believe I am a leader, but there are some people out there who may challenge that. I don’t know if leadership is a learned thing, or if it is a natural attitude. It may be a mixture of both.

    Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt were leaders just as much as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Leadership may have been expected from upper-class Brits and rich Americans like Churchill and Roosevelt, but I don’t think Hitler and Stalin had like advantages.

    It seems to me the first, basic requirement of a leader is passion to achieve something. That’s Trump, he has always exhibited leadership in business. You may not see him as a leader deserving of the title, Commander in Chief, but it seems to me that he is much more capable than Clinton, or Obama for that manner.

    I am not wild about the way Trump is constantly shooting off his mouth, but he is what he is, and I believe that is an unrepentant, selfish narcissist. Here lately, that seems to come with the territory in politics.

    Thanks for your comments. Always welcome.

  5. I don’t so much resent Trump [he’s not really worthy of my ire] as much as I resent the GOP voting bloc who put him there. We have the single most toxic, vulnerable and easily beatable Democrat nominee in my lifetime, even more so than Obama…..and the GOP puts forth such a buffoon that the race is at best, a dead heat…and at worse…well, you know….

  6. CI, Who would your ideal candidate be? No challenge here. No opposition. I’m just curious from a human condition POV which I’ve always been interested in and often consider myself not part of..

  7. Not really sure what a perfect candidate would look like, as they don’t exist and I’m not searching for one. What I would consider to be a baseline for a Presidential candidate [which I don’t consider as important as a Senate candidate] is one who considers every executive action through the lens of how it enhances individual liberty [domestically] or protects the nation [foreign policy]. I would expect a good candidate not to rely on insulting canards [“founding of ISIS”, “didn’t see classification headers on e-mails”]; didn’t pander to demographics on a rotation dependent on the audience; has rational and sober policy proposals, rather than empty grandiose promises; is held to the same legal standards as you or I…and didn’t campaign on promises to break the law.

    In sum, I want an administrator of policy, not someone who aspires to be a ‘leader’. We’ve had enough of those, and it’s only brought us ruin. I want the two houses of Congress to resume their rightful role in controlling the budget and checking executive power.

    I’d like to see the best of what the Republic has to offer, running for national office, rather than the worst….which is what we have from the two major parties.

  8. CI: That’s a sobering list which will probably never be fulfilled. I still think that leadership is a necessary but not exclusive property for a candidate. Leadership is what runs the world, and if we have an executive that is only an administrator, we wind up in Obama-World. Anybody can be an administrator, but real leaders are sometimes hard to find.

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