Conspiracies, Facts, And Politics

HIllary Clinton Claims Stone Broke And Not Guilty
Hillary Clinton Claims Stone Broke And Not Guilty

I am working hard at not watching any television news. Anything resembling quotes, political opinions, and political polls are off limits for the time being. Since I am a prejudiced person against Hillary Clinton, I have decided to not only ignore bad news on polls, but also to ignore news altogether.

Every now and then, something will get my attention enough to make me turn on the tv.

The Hillary Clinton email scandal is exploding, again, because the State Department released another ten or fifteen thousand emails to the FBI that had not been seen, before. I learn this through online sources. This time, the evidence is very damning to Hillary.

It seems that Hillary was running a serious pay-to-play political graft machine, much like you would have expected from the big city political bosses in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The Democrats are calling this a conspiracy theory, but it is an accurate representation of a very corrupt politician. It’s hard to minimize $100,000,000 in bribes from foreign  governments and international nere-do-wells.

The facts  concerning her complicity in illegal, influence peddling schemes are clear. She used her close aide, Huma Abedin, as a go-between in communicating with the big-money donors and the Clinton Foundation. When asked for a meeting to discuss a political favor, a donation to the Clinton Foundation was the quid pro quo, and Huma was the Clinton operative that arranged, with Hillary’s knowledge, for the cash. Private business people, foreign leaders, and recalcitrant criminals one and all contributed to the Clinton illegal slush funds, and they all received their sought-after advantages.

Hillary dirtier than an old dishrag.

Are there any Donald Trump conspiracy theories? There must be some, but I cannot think of any that come to the level of illegal activities, or even immoral levels. There is a big deal, now, about Trump not revealing his tax returns. I am on his side, there. After all, the Federal Government is auditing his returns, and if anything illegal is found, it will come out very fast. After all, the IRS is a lot more political than any other government bureau.

I may be missing part of the story on either Hillary or Trump, but I don’t care. There’s little reason to watch the news, day in and day out, especially when nothing new is happening, and all the news agencies can report is another speech or two.  Once a week is plenty to keep up to date, just like the days of the weekly news magazine.

2 thoughts on “Conspiracies, Facts, And Politics”

  1. I don’t watch the news. It’s all brainwashing propaganda and further designed to produce ad revenue. It’s the money and of course, the media people donate upwards of 95% of all their political donations to the democrats. So who else are they going to promote.

    And “Journalists”, of which maybe 10% of the “news” presenters are, have graduated college with the easiest major to undertake – Communications. We’re being brainwashed by idiots.

    I do sit in front of a PC all day and look at headlines (since they frown on my playing online Chess instead) , most of which can be easily placed into one of the following categories – Trump:clinton:blacks,BLM,bad cops:climate change:bad science:planets that are at least 24 Trillion miles away that just might be habitable:China:N.Korea clowns:Mars rocks – Wash-rinse-repeat. I don’t click on the articles.

    A complete waste of time.

    If folks are still trying to figure out the political scene, listening to or reading “news” is the worst possible source of education.

  2. Kid: I have started reading bunches of fiction books using my Kindle Apps. Even those are getting old, now. Maybe we would be better off by just going on long walks, something my doctor recommends. I did watch some of O’Reilly last night with Eric Bolling filling in. Still, I turned the volume down to nothing. Thanks for the comment.

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